The Dark Crystal, Henson’s Crystal Ball into Our Future Now

I was child when the original Dark Crystal (1982) Henson movie showcased in Washington, DC and New York. Yet somehow, it would be some 39 years later that I would not only hear of its uncanny story, but be in awe of this fantasy film’s depiction of the battle over dark and light forces.

Original Dark Crystal movie 1982

Jim Henson and Frank Oz masterful puppet movie speaks of “the Great Conjunction” planetary alignment and the battle over dark forces possessed and wielded by the unsightly and often unclean aristocratic malevolent Skeksis. This hierarchical class of beings who are entrusted with the magical crystal “of truth” in the land of Thra, given in good faith by a wise woman creature, Aughra who leaves Thra to study and traverse the secrets of the Universe, only to return to assist in fulfilling a prophecy of a new world, left me utterly speechless. How could a movie with so strong a message completely escape me? Why had I never seen this?

The storyline, plot, characters, and their writers drop jewels in this 1982 “children’s” movie, making it a classic among occultist, truth-seekers, and almost anyone who claims any level of “woke” consciousness. With word buzzes like “the great conjunction,” the intense plot to resist spiritual transformation, awareness, and change of power, and its subsequent battles over misuse of authority, the muppet story seems to glance into a dystopian future fast forwarded to date.

Dopling creature captured by the Emperor Skeksis to be drained by the Dark Crystal using a beam of light

Perhaps even as child, I would have had a better understanding of what was to come, highly unlikely? Perhaps, I could have taken from this movies “message” on the audiences subconscious mind this “seed” of knowing as just one quantum possibility of our “now -future” present time as our global events unfold? The Emperor has no clothes.

Fast forward to date, we have all witnessed the strange entanglements and abuse of power in American (and global) politics. We see institutions crumbling through the misuse of authority. We’ve observed what is being called “the great reset” all during and leading up to “the great conjunction” and auspicious planetary alignments. The Mayans called it 2012 (2020) “the end of time” and others cry the “great apocalypse” as in the Bible or the coming of the “Aquarian Age” as a great shift in consciousness, awareness, and rumors of transference of spiritual power!

Video: In this scene the Skeksis take a captured Podling being using the Dark Crystal to beam light (energy) into the eyes of the Podling where the life force is harnessed and drunken by the Skeksis to retain power and youthfulness.

As the movie continues, it’s uncanny to watch the Skeksis grow to abuse the power of the crystal by sucking life from the magical stone and when the crystal of truth is “sick” mirroring the depletion and decay of the land of Thra, the Skeksis learn magical incantations to use the crystal to drain the “essence” and life force from other creatures including the Gelflings. It is the other race first nurtured by the Mystics, also called the UrRu, in a sacred cave of crystals or Valley of the Stones who prophecy of the last race of Gelfling. The Geflings were hunted and slaughtered by the Skeksis for fear of the prophecy of returning or healing the Stone of truth upon the Great Conjunction.

Of course I’m leaving out holes in the storyline and will — during the swearing in “democratic” election rewatch both the original version of Henson’s and Oz’s 1982 movie, as well as, the short lived one-season Netflix remake The Resistance. It’s as good a drama as any!

For a powerful breakdown of sacred geometric -events and the uncoding (decoding) the Matrix (Patrix) — check out Mother Khai on Dr. Gilliam’s, House of Reawakening Minds.

In Love, 🥰 Peace ✌🏾 and Empowerment!


After a full day of Sun ☀️ in Portland & Dr. Alim Bey’s Healing Wings Institute classes

It was beautiful yesterday! After weeks of rain and cloudy weather the sun cleared up the flooded locations where excessive rain caused massive flood warnings — landslides and possible road and real estate damage. Probably the only reason the sun fully shown that day apart from its immense beauty and healing powers.

What Nature (God) wants this to be …

Clear skies after a full day of sun ☀️ (west location)

What Mankind wants this reality to be

Sky view massive cloud formations and plane chem trails (East location)

In this image you can see the planes creating the clouds formations.

Weird cloud formations (northeast location)

Cloud formations cover and blanket the sky from full sun exposure by product of manmade devices.

(Northeast location)

Breathing and Consciousness— and Herbal Training with Dr. Alim Bey, Healing Wings Institute

Had the pleasure of being invited by Dr Alim Bey and the Healing Wings Institute to take on impromptu herbal healing class. I was blown away — not that I don’t know about Herbs. 🌿 I’ve been using herbal medicines since I discovered their immense healing properties in high school. Having healed my own list of childhood ailments — eczema, bronchitis, excessive allergies, skin acne! Simply adding fresh green salads and vegetarian alternatives and restricting cows milk and meats, white sugars and white breads, sodas, and artificial ingredients— I healed my eeczema, bronchitis, allergies, and acne!

And yet, Dr. Alim’s Healing Wings invitation to healing came at the right time and was an immense blessing saving me on many levels. Infinite (Th)Ankhs of Gratitude 🙏🏽 and Appreciation! For one, the information hit different— everything from the Cs to diabetes to paralysis to bronchitis was covered with a simple healing remedy. And what was most “bomb worthy” was the Dr’s breakdown on the science of Breathing and Consciousness! Definitely getting some new classes in 2021! 😇🥰👏🏽

Dr. Alim Bey Healing Wings Institute

Sure I’ve read the Autobiography of a Yogi and even studied yoga and pranayama knowing of the science of breathing as true spirit and life force energy within the body and in the planet. Yet Dr. Alim Bey’s class revealed that breathing allows dimensionality to healing not only the physical body of diseases and common ailments but the potentiality of raising consciousness from 3D to 5D!

For one since living in Portland, I have suffered from season affect disorder, vitamin D deficiency, and mineral deficiencies affecting moods, behavior and more. The weather and constant darkness effected me way different— being and adapting to the rich high vibrations of the Suns intensity of the Southeast— being a Daughter of the Sun ☀️ attuned me to much higher frequencies.

Ancient indigenous (Egyptian) Sun Ra High Vibration Healing

Suns Healing benefits activation of VitD3 against Covid-19

Notice the sun or Ra giving Ankhs (life/prana) through its healing rays? That’s a whole other lecture! But we all know by now that the Sun provides activation of Vitamin D3, (along with Vitamin K) immunity and affects both molecular physiology and emotional (auric) healing and wellness. I think Dr Alim Bey has some YouTube videos on this and I’ll post more later!! 😇💜

Furthermore, living on a Pluto meridian merely intensified this healing crisis adding to shockingly revealing emotions and levels of deep inner healing moments of trauma release from generational abuse. It was as if I was purging all the sins of my mothers and fathers all in a single year — 2020 was that year! And using my writing and poetry (artistic energy) further allowed both release and realization— realization and release! The intensity of revisiting “time” through art is profound allowing me to transcend barriers of time space — art is an amazingly underrated, understated and often misunderstood medium of channeling, transmutation, and transformation.

The unexpected— Art as muse and medicine

Mentioning poetry has been completely unexpected and until now I hadn’t realized just how vital poetry has become during this pandemic. Poetry has become my muse and medicine. In my poetry, I take visitors on a journey through a lens of lost ancestral cultures discovering the sounds sights tastes of buried dna memory—as if pinpointing moments of familial splits from harmony and cultural trauma while delving into individual incarnations responsibilities and realizations. Thankfully one of my poems from 2020 will be published in just a few weeks. Will share more on that soon!

Still more herbal classes and breathing techniques are necessary! These are our ancient science and tools of transformation needed during these times!

Healing Wings Institute classes

Discovering The Gene Keys

Absolutely rereading these last 2 chapters!! As I woke up this morning dreaming of poetry (probably because I’ve got some to write ✍🏾!!) lol 😂 I thought of a passage I read in the Gene Keys book. The audiobook is a great “read” and I got the soft cover book for further reference and rereading. It’s an excellent interpretation of purpose, human evolution (devolution), awareness using the ancient I Ching science as means to define our intimate genetic codes calculated from birth. My phone is about to die and I need to get some of these rare Portland sun rays so I’m sharing a “few” passages to help me understand myself/humans as I move on this path of service.

The 63rd Gift— Inquiry— the Ladder of Self Inquiry— “All pure inquiry is of great service to humanity. If someone has a deep genetic tendency to doubt or ask questions, they can greatly improve the quality of life and relationships by channeling that doubt away from personal life and pressing it into service. The 63rd gene key …makes up a genetic grouping in your DNA known as the Ring of Divinity. Because of its connection to the all important 22nd Gene Key, this codon ring has much to do with transformation of human awareness through suffering. The 63rd Gene Key plays a central role in this theme because it is your Divine Doubt that drives you to follow a spiritual path in the first place. Doubt makes us human (the 36th Gift of Humanity) and leads us to a certain Graciousness (the 22nd Gift) in respect to how we treat others (Rudd, 508).

To be illuminated means to think Gods thoughts. At the Divine level, your causal body (sometimes called your soul) becomes your physical vehicle.

With the 64th Gene Key we come to one of the greatest mysteries of existence— the mystery of inner light. When this light is obscured within a human being it results in Confusion, the 64th Shadow. Confusion is the great human shadow state. It sweeps across our world like a great blanket, smothering, disempowering and screening the mass consciousness from the true nature of reality. As the last of the 64 Gene Keys it offers us some final warnings (Rudd, 513).

Tantric Path used as Illumination

The tantric path is the easiest path to misunderstand because it cannot be followed with the mind, but only the heart 💜. It is the path of the poetic soul— the lover of wilderness, of spontaneity, of paradox— the lover of the moment (Rudd, 518).

—- They are in fact the raw material of the higher fields of consciousness— like the nugget of coal that may hide a diamond of great beauty. As the confusion reveals its underlying nature and begins to coalesce into organized etheric substance, it becomes in turn the wonder of human imagination. Finally when the imagination transcends itself at he highest frequencies, the inner light at the heart of all creation explodes inside your being as spiritual illumination. This is the journey of every human being (Rudd, 513).

InLove, Prosperity, and Empowerment,

Urban Agriculture, Collard Wrap Recipe, and Free Copy of 7day Vegan eBook

Fascinated and Obsessed with Collards

Maybe I’m fascinated with Collards! I’ve made collard wraps in Georgia for a Ria Sweetraw Vegan Food Demo at a Farmer’s Market and have been hooked ever since. When I discovered that OSU in partnership with Culinary Breeding Network, showcased a Winter Vegetable Sagra + Variety Showcase featuring a week of Collards I decided to take a closer look and share with my global community. I’ve grown my own collards in my own garden, in community gardens, and prepared them numerous ways both cooked and raw; Southern Traditional Collard Greens, Raw Vegan Collard Wraps, Spicy Ethiopian Collards, and collard salads.

Ria Sweetraw Raw Food Collard Wrap Demo, 2016, Georgia, Farmers Market – Augusta

It was the Week of Collards that really got my attention! Both Michael Twitty (author, ethnobotanist lecturer) and chef Ashleigh Shanti presented amazing historical, cultural research and culinary expertise on none other than collards. While Twitty offers amazing historical and cultural stories and travels on the species of the collard green, Ashleigh Shanti offers amazing culinary recipes. Love collards? She prepares a raw salad, pickled collards, vegan raw collard dressing and more both are on YouTube.

Yeah! finished my Online Urban Agriculture intro course today

Just completed my online Intro Urban Agriculture class today with a 97% score and had to share. For my Assessment of Crops Requirements paper I chose none other than Brassica oleracea var. viridis variety cultivar selection also known as Georgia Southern Collard Seeds Heirloom from Botanical Interests Seeds. Which are now (3 hours later) out of stock, but check back or visit your local seed store!

Feel free to check (use and share) my Citations for resources, I had to wander off course to find the most relevant data, websites and resources. I’ll add them here:


Anderson-Wilk, M., & Oregon State University. Extension Service. (2011). Growing your own : A practical guide to gardening in Oregon, featuring vegetable varieties, planting dates, insect control, soil preparation & more (EM (Oregon State University. Extension Service) ; 9027). Corvallis, Or.]: Oregon State University, Extension Service.

BAKER CREEK HEIRLOOM SEEDS. (n.d.). Georgia Southern Collards (Creole). Retrieved from

Bonnie Plants. (2021). Georgia Collards: Sweet Flavor, Excellent Fall Crop. Retrieved from

Botanical Interests. (n.d.). Georgia Southern Collards Seeds. Retrieved 2021, from

COLLARD WEEK: Michael Twitty, Author, History and Significance of Collards in the South. (2020, December 14). Retrieved from

Culinary Breeding Network. (2020). 2020-21 Variety Showcase + Winter Vegetable Sagra. Retrieved from

Olson, S., & Freeman, J. (n.d.). University of Florida, IFAS Extension: Selecting Collard Varieties Based on Yield, Plant Habit and Bolting. Retrieved from

Basic Crop Requirements Assignment

Basic Crop Requirements and Investigating Research Gaps papers. The Investigating Research Gaps part of the course really upset me. For one, according to google search Urban Agriculture started in get this — around least 3,500 B.C.
Check out the Urban Agriculture (Mountain Terrace Farming) Ancient Peru (photo below). Resurged in North America in the 70s and picked back up in the 90s, since 2000 Urban Agriculture has been steadily growing and yet comprehensive research is still scarce and vague with 2022 predictions on new vertical gardening and commercial gardening techniques and technology. It’s hard to swallow or fathom there isn’t consistent comprehensive Urban Agriculture studies and data to date. But I’m gonna leave that right there….

Do your own research! You’ll find Urban Agriculture is a wave that is not some fly by night anomaly but in coming years will be a necessity for survival post Covid-19 and beyond. Again there’s been internet buzz not only from the Prepper Community, but filtering into mainstream society.

Urban Agriculture (Mountain Terrace Farming) Ancient Peru

In Portland, OR almost everyone has an organic garden! Walk the block in my neighborhood and you’ll see not only organic gardens and herbal varieties, but chickens, goats (and faery homes) in urban settings nestled within fences and yards. My daughter couldn’t believe when she came to visit me this past summer.

Chicken on small Urban Agriculture – Portland Community Residential Home Garden
Collards, May 2020

Collard Wrap Recipe, from Natural Self Goddess eBook

7Day Vegan eBook Sample page — Goddess, Ascension, Love, Water, History, New Age, Natural Health, Alternative Healing

An excerpt from NaturalSelfGoddess, 7day Vegan eBook, Vegan Collard Yum Wrap recipe and Thai Sauce:

Vegan + Raw Food 

Vegan Collard Yum Wrap 

Wrap Ingredients 

1 Organic Collard Wrap 

1/4 Avocado mashed 

1/4 cup Carrots can replace with Quinoa 

1/4 cup raw Beets 

1/4 cup Zucchini 

1/4 cup chopped or diced Organic Tomatoes 

thinly sliced red Onion 

a dash of Sprouts 

Thai Asian Sauce Ingredients 

Organic Curly Kale 


2 1/2 tbsp Tahini Butter 

1 tsp Olive Oil 

2 tsp Maple Syrup 

1 1/2 tsp Bragg’s Amino Sauce 

2 tbsp Rice wine or Raw Apple Cider Vinegar 

1/2 tsp Ginger 

a pinch of Garlic powder or Raw Garlic 

a squeeze of Fresh Orange 

Lay your collard with the inside facing up toward the sun. Note the wrap outer part will be the outer leaf. Spread the avocado on the inner leaf, then carrots, beets, zucchini, and tomatoes, thinly sliced onions and lastly the sprouts. 

Begin to wrap. Wash all your veggies carefully without bruising. 

Chop organic kale and place in bowl. Blend in Vitamix, your organic peanut butter, tahini, maple syrup, rice or apple cider vinegar, ginger, salt and pepper to taste. Whisk in the orange squeeze. Allow to sit for better flavor. 

Pour peanut sauce over cleaned and chopped kale. Add sliced carrots. Let this stand and marinate for about 10 minutes. InJoy!

Ria Sweetraw Natural Self Goddess, Raw Vegan Collard Wrap Recipe

ThanksGiving and Appreciation to You

I love sharing information and providing what I learn and research with my global community. I’ve been blissed with a vast well of knowledge and wisdom and I thankfully serve my community with my creativity (3) to global family, tribe, and community (6) through service (9). Happy New Moon and Aquarian Age Conjunction Family!

Download the NaturalSelfGoddess 7day Vegan eBook

Free Online Urban Agriculture 👩🏾‍🌾 Intro Class and Finding Clean Seeds

Growing Microgreens & Online Free Class

Microgreen Items

I recently gathered some micro green items from a local garden 🪴 store to complete a free class at OSU Growing Microgreens. Since growing conditions require lots of sunlight and this is Portland, I’ve decided to get a grow light for any seeds I plant indoors. In my research I discovered that not all seeds are good seeds!

During previous gardening projects I prized myself on using only organic seeds, yet to my surprise and dismay I discovered I was way too “trusting” on the “organic” seed label. Scouring the net for data, I found that Monsanto had purchased organic seed companies including Heirloom companies which made me twinge with familiar uneasiness. To this day, I will never understand why “mankind” feels the insatiable need to tamper with Mother Nature and feels such as sense of superiority to insight such destruction on our planet. I once read in Olgiby’s America book (1671) under normal natural living conditions “Caribbean culture and their people lived to be over a hundred years old, while women had children 80 years old” (Olgiby, 361).

Can you imagine? Living to 169 years old? Being fertile with a fully working reproductive system up into your 80s? Living in Natural Time? Off the land and with the land? An abundance of organic fruits, veggies, non toxic animals? Stress free environment, system, and way of life? Debt-free? Quite unfathomable to our lifestyles to date and we wonder why mental illness and chaos plagues our social media news feed. (Just a thought!)

Back to seeds….

Seed Industry, Monopoly and Securing Organic Heirloom Seeds

Check out the Seed Bill from Seed Freedom

According to Organic Authority, their top seed companies include, 1. Seed Saver’s Exchange, 2. rareseeds (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), 3. seedsNOW, 4. your own saved seeds, 5. Safe Seed Resources List (here’s their list)! In another article, “How to Keep Monsanto Out of Your Garden” Small Footprint Family went deep on the importance of organic gardening and the dangers of Monsanto seeds. She provided comprehensive research not only on the clean seed movement but provides an extensive list on vetted organic seed companies not associated or owned by the Monsanto agriculture monopoly. Their “The 10 Best Seed Companies for Heirloom and Non-GMO Seeds” is an eye-opener luckily my previously used seeds and new seeds were on that list: Territorial Seed Company, Rene’s Garden Seeds, passed the test and I updated seeds simply labeled “organic” into a pile I’d have to research further.

For a compact historical snapshot on Monsanto’s switch from being an Agent Orange drug company to monopolizing the global seed and agricultural market check out, Seed Control and GMO Companies, on Planetnatural. For a list of specific Heirloom named vegetables this list provides all Monsanto heirloom seed (Future Farming Organization ). A quick glance for top organic seeds listed on Mother Earth News, however Burpee seeds have come under fire for its affiliation with Monsanto so do your due diligence and research 🧐 before planting!

In the meantime, I started the free Urban Agriculture 🧑‍🌾 course which is a lot more extensive than I had anticipated.

Free Online Urban Agriculture 👩🏾‍🌾 Intro

I thought I could breeze through this course but it’s quite extensive with lectures, videos, articles and even PDF textbook reading including two separate papers to submit and 2 quizzes. I was up until 1am finishing a quiz and taking notes from various articles.

Gotta class folks! Will be back with updates until then have a great weekend!

Free Online Food Growing Classes You Can Take Right Now

Food Security and Gardening Resources

I awoke this morning reminded of the commitments I had from a vision back in 2009 about indigenous living and assimilation of technology — living in harmony.

Apocalyptic Dystopian Scenarios
Unfortunately, many TV shows and movies would suggest apocalyptic, “end of times”  dystopian futures where our world is ravished by the environmental symptoms of climate change and nefarious deep state secret laser wars leaving the American people poor, hungry, disease ridden and lost. None of these man-made scenarios have to come into fruition based on the mental aspirations we choose for our children’s children. 

Indigenous Planning for Future Generations
The Indigenous Way of Life always planned their present moment for 7 generations to follow ensuring that decisions were made in the highest regard to the environment, the welfare and progress of the people (community), and generations coming forward. 

Grow Food or Die – Climate Change & Nefarious Policies
In December, I had emails sent to me with the headlines Grow Food or Die! – which brought back up my environmental research from anthropology courses writing about Food Security, Climate Change, Food Desserts and Food Policy.  In my research, I found alternative solutions that have existed for decades that would solve every known crisis we have existing to date; food, water, waste management, fuel, energy, even economic concerns, all of which had been isolated and stunted by governmental policy, bureaucracy, and big business practices throughout the globe. 

Solutions and Empowerment In Your Hands, In Your Garden
Nevertheless, we ask ourselves what we can do on our own land, in our backyards, on our tiny terraces and in our homes. Grow your own food! There’s container garden options, raised beds, or modern permaculture, and ancient indigenous mound and food forest options. Many families in urban Portland cities have transformed their lawns into tiny permaculture food forests and gardens creating natural habitat safe zones for birds and pollinators. 

Grow Your Own Food — Educate, Research and Learn
In our coming months of 2021, I would urge everyone to educate, research, learn, and grow your own food and medicine: 

  • Herbs and Herbal Medicines
  • Microgreens 
  • Winter Veggies 
  • Seasonal Fruits and Veggies 
  • Learn Soil Health and Treatments
  • Urban Agriculture 
  • Anything Gardening! 

I’m sharing my resources with y’all and hope they find you well in 2021. 

Happy New Years (Jan, March, June)  and Stay Safe, Healthy and Empowered! 


2021 Free online Gardening and Agriculture Courses 

Microgreens Grow Along Workshop


Jan 2 – Jan 18, 2021



Heirloom Collard Green Project 

Check out the online project, get your seeds and start planting! 


Monday December 14, 1 PM EST – Michael Twitty presents the History and Significance of Collards in the South

Tuesday December 15, 1 PM EST [Part I] – Ira Wallace & Co. present Results and Updates from the 2020 HEIRLOOM COLLARDS TRIAL

Tuesday December 15, 2 PM EST [Part II] – Jon Jackson leads a Collard Trial Farm Tour of Comfort Farms

Wednesday December 16, 1 PM EST – Amirah Mitchell presents Seedkeeping and Cultural Identity

Thursday December 17, 1 PM EST – Ashleigh Shanti presents a 4-Way Collard Salad Cooking Demo

Thursday December 17, 7PM EST – Join us for a celebration of collards during Collard Happy Hour!


Growing Winter Vegetables — OSU Extension resources

Winter Vegetable Sagra + Variety Showcase



Nov 30, 2020 – Mar 19, 2021

Sessions being at 10:00 am unless otherwise noted

November 30th – 4th: GARLIC

December 7th – 11th: RADICCHIO

December 14th – 18th: COLLARDS

January 11th – 16th: BRASSICAS

January 25th – 29th: WINTER SQUASH

February 1st – 5th: GRAINS

February 8th – 12th: INDIGENOUS WINTER FOODS



March 15th – 20th: CAULIFLOWER + CABBAGE

Registration is free 


Free Online Introduction to Urban Agriculture Course 

Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 3.32.02 PM.png

This free Introduction to Urban Agriculture online course gives you a basic orientation to the larger program and our topic overall.

Getting Started in Urban Agriculture

In this free introduction course, you will learn what exactly is “urban agriculture,” along with essential definitions and concepts to help you get started on this exciting journey!

Complete the Whole Series and Save

This course is part of our Online Urban Agriculture Program. Other courses in the series include:

  1. Free Introduction to Urban Agriculture
  2. Growing in Urban Environments
  3. Urban Agriculture Systems
  4. Urban Agricultural Business


The Harmonic Convergence 2020 Experiment

Meditation is such a gift!

Listening to a podcast with Ras Ben and the Twin Pillars (KnowTheLedge Media) this morning, I was alerted to the planetary alignment meditation occurring right now— The Harmonic Convergence 2020, July 5th-14th, a global meditative experiment using the power of the Mind to imprint and impose a more positive shift in our collective paradigm while connecting to our ancient star ancestors. Starting at the onset of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 4-5 as a catalyst for creating positive change in our world where there is so much upheaval, and an uncovering of chaos, its players, our individual and collective healing and our return to center!


During the “Lucky” Full Moon Lunar Eclipse including these celestial alignments bring about earthly changes that are reflecting and impacting our lives whether we are aware or not. Astronomy and prophecy are sciences that our ancient ancestors used to stay connected to the earth planet with those of the stars. I have often shared “We are from the stars!” And it’s beautiful to witness that many more humans are awakening to this deeper understanding of Self. We are made of Starstuff. As one Native American elder stated, “supernova stars creating iron, we look at the hemoglobin of our blood and its relationship to iron.” In fact, the core of a supernova is iron! Iron is essential for production our red blood cells and hemoglobin and oxygen-lung synergy.

Further researchers and mystics suppose that we come from the stars because our soul travels to and from the sun — the brightest star in our universe. Indigenous and Native American legends and prophecy further support oral histories that we come from stars and planets in our solar system. For those in the know, it is vital for us to show up fully in our communities and the global community with the knowledge of our identity. I am so happy that it is now time for these truths to be revealed and rejoiced.

To help shift this paradigm, show unconditional love, meditate on world + universal peace, considering joining the online The Harmonic Convergence 2020 community!

Rising in Love and Awakening!

Fasting, Herbs 🌿 and SeaVeggie Cravings

It’s July 4th and I’m fasting during this very eventful time in history! Perhaps it’s all the planetary alignments happening right now! What have I been craving? Sea Veggies (seaweeds), and herbal teas like Burdock, Dandelion, Bladderwrack (with a little organic coconut milk for taste)! The body always knows what it needs — we just have to listen!

Sea Weeds & Health Wellness 

Seaweed is rich in chlorophyl a ‘potent cleaner’ that purifies the body fluids (blood & lymphatic fluids)! It’s the best dietary source of iodine, which helps support your thyroid gland. It also contains other vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin K, B vitamins (B12—  nerve, DNA, and blood cell health), zinc and iron, along with antioxidants that help protect your cells from damage. Richer in calcium, iron, iodine, and magnesium. Alaria (seaweed) has 3x more magnesium than kale. 

Pacific Wakame, Nori Seaweeds, Avocado

Herbal Tea 🍵 Bladderwrack, Burdock, Dandelion 

Bladderwrack (Sea Veggie), Dandelion Root, Burdock Root Herbal Teas — Blood Purifier, Liver Cleanser, Iodine Source, Digestive Detox, Hormonal Health, (Vitamin A, C, B, D), Iron, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Chromium

Fights Radioactive Toxins 

Seaweeds contains a bioactive compound which remove toxic chemicals including radioactive (radiation), heavy metals, free radicals and pollutants. 

Gut Health and Detoxifying Food 

Seaweeds are powerful antioxidants, anti-parasitic,  anti-viral, & anti-fungal properties which help to eliminate free radicals and toxins. Including bacteria, fungi, viruses, and inhibits growth of cancer and tumors. Binding soluble plant fibers and viscous gels detoxify intestinal tract binding water, minerals, colonic microflora which help eliminate toxins. Increases ‘good’ bacteria in gut (digestive system). 

Seaweed nutritional benefits: 
  • Vitamins A, B, C, E and K
  • magnesium
  • calcium
  • copper
  • potassium
  • iodine
  • iron
  • zinc
  • Trace elements
  • Fiber
  • Carbohydrates
  • Antioxidants
  • Amino acids
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Enzymes
  • Phytohormones

Rising In Love, Wealth, and Health,


Covid-19 + BLM Lockdown Reading List

Just a quick post on a comment my professor made that stuck with me as he mentioned my reading this past course. It dawned on me that I had taken this “lockdown” time and Intro to Creative Writing course to include literature that started as supplemental reading for my course. As the Covid-19 events transformed into BLM racial triggers my books became a way to begin to truly understand this mental illness called White Supremacy and racism. Not that I was oblivious to any of the psychosis African Americans live with each day. I, after all, had my first copy of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing’s, The Isis Papers, in the early 90s, along with copies of JA Rogers books proving we are truly one race within a spectrum of varying hues and characteristics.

White Fragility, Robin Diangelo. Audiobook and eBook.

Yet this institutionalized system of ‘race’ as a construct to destroy the other was a dehumanizing, unequal, unjust, system of collusion that is upheld in society, politics, and business touching every aspect of academia and psychology to date. This Black Lives Matter movement has been an interesting turn of events where corporations and government are adding Juneteenth as a holiday as a band aid to our never-ending American crisis. The legacy of racism in America must fall but its gonna take more than confederate statues to uproot this 400-year old, terrorizing, mental illness.

The Color of Law, Richard Rothstein. eBook.

First I’d like to thank Ice Cube and Dave Chappelle for having the courage to say the things many of us were too cowardess to honestly say in the face of the many! Bravo to our Alpha Men who dare speak the truth during a climate that cancels, trolls, and seeks to totally destroy the Voice and Soul of anyone who speaks out against a preferred ideology and agenda. Using the media, created as a means of social engineering of behavior, opinion, and predicative programming, as a tool for justice, critical thinking, and education is what the late, great artist-activist James Baldwin would do if he was alive today.

This short article started out as a list of books I’ve read and reading during the throws the Covid-19, and the Black Lives Matter protest to date. I was able to see what I had borrowed from my local library in 2019 which was 2-4 books! During the last 3-4 months I’ve read over 20 books (including audiobooks) trying to better understand the written art form, the minds and ideas of literary giants, artful prose and poetry, artists as activists, and the many interests and passions I have such as healing, occult (the hidden), gardening, and psychology. Here are few of the books I’ve read during the Covid-19 + BLM lockdown:

What started out as something I picked up from an accomplished author, poet “Read EVERYTHING” as a means to becoming a better writer is blossoming as a gateway to better understanding the world as a whole.

The caw at my window is calling me outside under this beautiful sun as reminder that balance is key. Have a beautiful empowering day family!

in Love and Healing,

Angels and Ancestors Oracle Deck

So excited, I received these new cards earlier this week and wanted to share a few images. Angles and Ancestor Oracle Deck (which I keep calling the Angels and Guardians deck) is a 55-card deck, with a beautifully written Guide book by Kyle Gray and illustrated by Lily Moses. I am loving and bonding with these cards. The artwork is simply gorgeous with such diversity and inclusion with insightful, meaningful definitions and extended messages for the practitioner. The images include ancient Kemetic (Egyptians), Celtic, Native American, Aboriginal (Australian), Earth-based spirits beings, elemental, and animal spirit guides.

What I love about this deck is that the Guidebook illustrates how to create a bond with your cards with a 5-page Connection Ceremony ritual; opening energy, cleansing energy, providing energy, closing and sealing energy and intention. There is beautiful section also written by Kyle Gray, “Approaching Oracle Cards with Integrity” providing wisdom on what to do and what not to do with your cards and taking full responsibility for your energy and staying mindful prior to each reading. There are various types of spreads and how to read them numerically.

“Guardians of the four corners,
Mother in the Earth, Father in the Sky,
Angels, Ancestors, Sacred Ones,
I call on You and Welcome You here now!”

—Angels and Ancestors Oracle Deck
2020. Portland Heirloom Tree with Faery Realm Guardian Village.
Yes this is the norm in Portland (giggles).

These cards have a very magnetic feel to them. I was drawn to them and bonded with the cards easily and quickly. My readings have been 100% spot on since I opened this communication. I was giddy when I pulled the Shaman card this morning after writing all night and morning about my shamanism experiences and opening myself up to learn more about this path and gifts! “Yeah Baby” in my Ralph Smart Deep Divers voice! ♥

I have purchased a few new decks and will continue to collect decks that resonate with me as I learn more about the tarot and forms of divination. ♥

In Peace and ♥ Love Family,

Grounding Meditation:: absorbing earths electrons

Grounding is an excellent, free, all-natural electrical earth medicine. It’s an ancient practice which was a way of life for indigenous cultures around the world. The effects of grounding;

  • reduces cortisol levels
  • increases blood oxygenation
  • has a meditative effect that activates the parasympathetic nervous system
  • reduces acute and chronic inflammation
  • stabilizes the electrical environment of all organs, tissues, and cells and more! 

Combining grounding with sun-gazing or sun-bathing, and a few minutes of pranayama, particularly, Fire Breaths and you feel as though you’d just had a day at the spa. 

I haven’t felt so relaxed … after doing my miles I wandered into the park near a huge Pin Oak took off my adidas and walked barefoot 🦶 until I found a spot in the sun ☀️…. a bit of stretching 🧘🏾‍♀️and yoga, some fire 🔥 breaths, and sun gazing … was so powerful!! Don’t know the last time I was barefoot in nature — probably a year since I left Virginia—the most subtle “invigorating” earth medicine … I’ve felt in years was a simple barefoot walk on the earths floor. 

~ Facebook post 

That simple act of grounding meditation felt revolutionary — eyes widened like I was some alien being exposing myself — perhaps, I was in allowing that loving energy to flow from the elements all while I concentrated on my 🐝breathing! While others watched with Covid-19 masks on fully clothes holding their cell phones. It honestly left me so calm and relaxed that I felt high or better yet how a woman feels after an orgasm with her lover. My body was released and serene free of tension. There was a mental and emotional sense of ease as if nothing could penetrate the auric field the grounding + sun gazing + breathing provided. 

I had learned Fire Breaths while taking Sacred Woman Training with Queen Afua in Washington, DC and New York, as well as, practicing Kundalini and Sivananda yoga. Fire breaths or Breath of Fire 🔥 known as Kapalabhti “skull shining” is the 4th limb within the 8 limbs of yoga. And to contrary belief or anti-Asian rhetoric, (show and prove) our ancient Olmec Mayan ancestors not only practiced yoga but most likely invented it. ♥

Olmec Shiva, Olmec Ganesha are anthropological statements not that far off! For one, there were indeed elephants 🐘 walking the American continents. Take a google stroll and you might find a National Geographic article “Ancient Native Americans ate Pachyderms; Site Challenges Theory of Where New World Culture Began” in smaller print it further reads “ Bones of the four-tusked gomphothere turned up at ancient site” ( Dickie, 2014). 

So, what is a gomphothere? An extinct elephantidae found in South America, Central America, Beringia, Eurasia and Africa dating back 11-2.6 Million years ago this would be the Clovis – Pleistocene period. There were small elephant statues found in Western Mexico of the Olmec culture where the ancient Mayans practiced so called ancient Indian Yoga. Another small tidbit disclosed  that radiocarbon data found ironically by Oregon archeologists conclude the Clovis Native American ( Bering Strait Indians) fossil dung and spear projectile points were older than Clovis – Pleistocene period culture and showed “earlier tool technology” (Wayman, 2012) further concluding that there were earlier South American-Central American  Indigenous cultures predating the Bering Straits Clovis Native Americans. 

The pictures below illustrate both Olmec Mayan yoga asanas and modern yoga poses collected by Bibhu Dev Misra who studied La Venta, Olmec Indigenous Americans in Mexico. 

More Fun Facts – The Conch Shell and Shiva of the American Olmecs and East Indian Hindu

The earlier Olmec Mayan yogis similarly ritualized the conch shell, a war and nobility sacred instrument, also an Arjuna-Krishna East Indian symbol called the “Shankha” trumpet attributed to the preserver god Vishnu, later used in Buddhist mythology.   Below are a few photos gathered by Misra in his research, which is a good read! 

The Olmec Yogis: Easy Pose, Seated Leg Pose, Earth Touching Mudra, Bound Angle Pose.
Images Public Domain or subject to Copyright. Reprinted for Educational Purposes only.

The Olmec Yogis: Reclined Thunderbolt Pose, Inverted Locust Pose.
Images Public Domain or subject to Copyright. Reprinted for Educational Purposes only.

The Olmec Yogis: Yogis in Colima, Western Mexico.
Wheel Pose, Bow Pose, Scorpion Pose, Formidable Face Pose.
Images Public Domain or subject to Copyright. Reprinted for Educational Purposes only.

Olmec -Egyptian, Olmec-Hindu-Buddhist, Olmec-Chinese Connections

Her further stated that Mexican cultures after the Olmecs continued to practice yoga. What’s more fascinating this that the Olmec artifacts also depicted an Olmec Shiva adorned with long, knee-length locs, nobility headdress, jaguar skins, with a snake and trident in hand found in a cave identical the East Indian Shiva mythology. Caves were not only religious symbols of the East Indian Shiva story, but well-known ritualistic temple architecture found throughout ancient Olmec Mayan codices and temple walls. The article further illustrates an Olmec- Chinese connection by way of Shang Dynasty, an Olmec-Egyptian connection, as well as Olmec-Hindu-Buddhist connection. When I visited Mexico one of the most chilling experiences I had was when I ascended on the Tulum site and saw so many yoga items for sale amidst the many Mayan articles. Clearly the modern Mexican inhabitants know of their ancient historical connection! ♥

Easy Fire 🔥 Breaths to Rejuvenate Life Force 

Fire Breaths are extremely healing to the blood as a form of Kriya or purification to detoxify, tone and cleanse the bodies respiratory system. Especially during these times when protesters are shouting “I can’t breathe” as a world-wide mantra and phenomena. Fire Breaths detoxify the system releasing toxins and increasing elimination. Fire Breaths detoxifies the respiratory system, lungs, sinuses, improves focus and clarity of the mind, energizes brain function, and strengthens immunity. This pranayama also strengthens the Solar Plexus chakra, rids pain and inflammation, and brings greater muscle strength to the abdomen and diaphragm.  There are safety precautions and contraindications for pregnant women, those with asthma, high blood pressure, or vertigo. 

  • Sit cross legged or in a lotus position 🧘🏾‍♀️
  • Spine straight shoulders relaxed 
  • Start by inhaling and exhaling through the nostrils 
  • Breathing in a quick breath 
  • Concentrate on the lower abdomen, collect air expanding the breath inward while belly fills 
  • Then forcing the breath outward bringing the belly inward on the contraction emptying the breath 
  • Filing the belly of air then releasing the belly toward the navel to let go of the air on each strong and short breath
  • The first 30-second round should shift breathing to Inhaling through the nostrils and Exhaling through the mouth (panting like a Lion) 

A 30-second practice is very beneficial and healing. Longer intervals are recommended once a few rounds of 30-seconds are mastered. Kapalabhati contacts the core muscles and is a powerful diaphragmatic breathing technique. 

—Benefits of primordial flow of Earth’s electrons—

 blood oxygenation (BO)

✅ an immediate decrease (within a few seconds) in skin conductance (SC) at grounding

✅ respiratory rate (RR) increased during grounding, an effect that lasted after ungrounding

✅ activation of the parasympathetic nervous system and corresponding deactivation of the sympathetic nervous system

🐢 the influx of free electrons absorbed into the body through direct contact with the Earth likely neutralize ROS and thereby reduce acute and chronic inflammation 

🐢 every part of the body could equilibrate with the electrical potential of the Earth, thereby stabilizing the electrical environment of all organs, tissues, and cells

🐢 Earth’s electrons induce multiple physiological changes of clinical significance, including reduced pain, better sleep, a shift from sympathetic to parasympathetic tone in the autonomic nervous system (ANS), and a blood-thinning effect

🐢 significant relief from asthmatic and respiratory conditions, rheumatoid arthritis, PMS, sleep apnea, and hypertension 

🐢 evaluated diurnal rhythms in cortisol 

🐢When the body is grounded, its electrical potential becomes equalized with the Earth’s electrical potential through a transfer of electrons from the Earth to the body. This, in turn, prevents the 60 Hz mode from producing an AC electric potential at the surface of the body and from producing perturbations of the electric charges of the molecules inside the body

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