Happy MoonDay! Active Rest Days….(hmmmm)

Another Active Rest Day on this Live Fit program, its only Day 15 so thank God/dess tomorrow is Leg Day and I have weights to contend with. For my “Active” Rest Day which would count 3 Days so far I spent 2 days doing some Home Gym stretching and body weight routines…ohh and dance! Hope you’re getting FIT in. Here was my am workout! Thanks Neila Rey:


1. Warm UP Workout (2 Sets)

2. Lower Back Workout   (2 Sets)

3. Burpee Challenge – Day 2 =  (20 Reps)

4. Power Abs Workout  (5 Sets)

5.  Wonder Woman Workout (2 Sets)


Warm Up (2 Sets) 

Neck Stretch
Tricep Stretch
Shoulder Stretch

Dynamic Chest Stretch
Mid Back Turns
Knee Circles
Hip Circles
Toe Touches

Lower Back Workout (2 Sets)

Bottom to Heels Stretch (10 Reps)
Opposite Arm/Leg Raises (10 Reps)
Back Extensions (10 Reps)
Bridges (10 Reps)
Knee Rolls (10 Reps)


Power Abs Workout (5 Sets)

Windshield Wipers (20 Reps)
Butt Ups (10 Reps)
Side Bridges (20 Reps)
Knee Crunches (10 Reps)
Full Sit-Ups (10 Reps)
20 Russian Twists /Sitting Twists (20 Reps)
Knee to elbow Sit-Ups (10 Reps)
Plank Leg Rolls (10 Reps)
Climbers /Mountain Climbers (20 Reps)

Wonder Woman Workout (2-5 Sets)

Knee to Elbow (40 Reps)
Bodyweight Squats (20 Reps)
Mountain Climbers (20 Reps)
Plank w/Rotations (10 Reps)
Elbow Planks (20 Reps)
Deep Lunges (20 Reps)
Push-Ups (10 Reps)
Sit-Ups (10 Reps)
Sitting Cross Punches (20 Reps)



































Sunday Motivation! Set Your Weekly Intention, Goals..then Get It!

Set Your Weekly Intention, Goals..then Get It!
If you can see it you can achieve it!

Here are a few Affirmations:

  • I am Committed to being a better person today!
  • I create Opportunities!
  • I can! I Will! Watch Me!
  • I am Consistent! I am a Champion!

xo ~ Ria Sweetraw 

screen-shot-2012-10-04-at-10-21-39-am blogger-image-460483314 gym-motivation-1 key_therock

29 Ways to Show Unique Gratitude, What Are YOU Grateful For?



29 Ways to Show Unique Gratitude
by Scott Dinsomore of LiveYourLegend.com 

  1. Tell someone face to face how much they mean to you.
  2. Write a thank you note (via snail mail).
  3. Send a post card.
  4. Pack your lunch and then give it to those you come across who need it.
  5. Put a stickie note somewhere random that’ll make someone smile (like Operation Beautiful).
  6. Leave a creative smiley face for your spouse (I make mine with a banana and two apples in the kitchen).
  7. Smile ear to ear at everyone you see – it’s contagious.
  8. Call someone you know is in a tough spot and just listen for as long as they’d like.
  9. Give your books a new home with a new mind.
  10. Call, email or write your closest 5 people in your life and let them know the unique impact they have on your life.
  11. Pay for the the guy’s Starbucks who’s behind you in line.
  12. Get a $100 in 2-dollar bills from the bank and use them as your tip money – guaranteed smile.
  13. Get a doggy bag no matter how small your leftovers are. Give it to the first person you see who needs it.
  14. Buy a dozen sandwiches and pass then out to homeless folks in a busy area (one of my favorites).
  15. Give a anonymous donation of whatever you can afford.
  16. Buy a lottery ticket for a homeless person.
  17. Take that coat or jacket you never wear and give it to someone on the street (do this with anything you haven’t worn in the past 6 months).
  18. Make a friend their favorite meal.
  19. Or buy them a bottle of wine and drink it together, slowly, with no agenda.
  20. Share an experience with someone you love- perhaps a sunset or special walk.
  21. Send one of my articles to someone you know could use it.
  22. Open a door for someone.
  23. When someone’s having car troubles, instead of speeding by frustrated, stop to help.
  24. Give genuine compliments to those you hardly know (like a waiter or bus driver).
  25. Leave a huge tip (I love doing this with breakfast, since the bill is usually low).
  26. Donate a week of your life to a good cause like Eric Shamas offers with One Week a Year.
  27. Leave an inspirational book on the bus.
  28. Leave a $2 bill (or $1) on a random windshield.
  29. Take a picture for a tourist.
  30. Send this list to to a few friends.

Scott is a life-coach, travel photographer, runner and entrepreneur passionate about finding people’s dream job, career happiness and jump out of mediocrity and complacency. You can check him out on his website or you can see the full framework by watching my TEDx talk on How to Find and Do Work You Love.


Challenge-Quote-400x270I couldn’t resist! After the WonderWoman Workout, I did a 30 minute Dance cardio (Dropped It Low!), then Started my Day 1 of my 30Day 1400 BURPEES CHALLENGE!  Can you believe I had to warm into it?
Ssshhh, I actually did an extra 10 for just thinking about committing a Cheat Day desert!

I posted this on my bodybuilding fit board and everyone has been ‘liking’ it and considering doing it themselves. YEAH! ~ xo Ria (july 27, 2014)


Muscle Groups and Burpees

Ever wonder what a Burpee does to your body? Exercises like Squats, Push ups, Planks, Vertical Jumps, are just some of the exercises performed in a single burpee. Hated by many, Burpees is the “Star” of Standalone Workouts that incorporates so many of the muscle groups, they are worth the sweat, swears and tears.

Muscle Groups worked: Arms, Biceps, Triceps, Deltoid/Shoulders,  Pectorial/Chest, Legs, Quads, Hams, the Core and (party roll) the Gluteus Maximus!


How to Do a Burpee


1400 Burpees 30-Day Challenge,  www.neilarey.com
1400 Burpees 30-Day Challenge,

Active REST DAY Workout! WonderWoman!

My 2nd Active Rest Day! Getting my Studying on, but I have to sweat at least once a day!  10 Sets, Let’s Get IT, Let BE FIT! The one Im doing is below (WonderWoman Workout). Ive also added one for the fellas, Superman Workout! I love superheros! 😉

Wonder Woman Workout by neilarey.com


Superman Workout,  http://neilarey.com
Superman Workout,










Wonder Woman Workout by neilarey.com

10 Ways to Increase Your Run Time

photo credit. c. 2014. national geographic.

1. Build Strong Core Muscles: Try Plank variations such as Runner Plank, Alt/Side Plank, Basu Ball Planks ,Plank Arm Leg Raises

2. Stretch: Static stretches including hip flexors

3. Practice Striders: Warm up or practice with Sprints to improve speed and technique

4. Switch up your Training:  Choose HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) then Interval Training

5. Practice Form: Study correct running form, feet, arms, hand positions, etc

6. Fartleks: Play with speed while pacing yourself to build strength and endurance

7.  Stride Turnover: Count your steps

8. Learn to Breathe: Use mouth and nostril deep fast rhythmic breathing drawing air up into the lungs

9. Keep Your Focus: Your Eyes and Head should be up and looking forward

10. Running Hills or Incline Running! 

Turkey Tail Mushroom, Cancer Cures and Paul Staments

Solutions are one of my favorite words! Why? They bring hope to what we perceive as ‘crisis’ ‘hopeless’ ‘toxic’ and transform that negative energy into action and resolution that benefit ‘all’.
If you’re still believing there are no cures for cancer and other diseases, its time you begin your real education in health and survival! (smile)  Are we still bound by the health industry against using the words “cure” and “cancer” in the same sentence?Today I saw Paul Stamets’ TED Talk shortly after viewing his Solutions From The Underground: How Mushrooms Can Help Save The World video. I cheered, clapped, and almost teared at his scientific solutions to recovering and bringing  balance to our toxic ecosystem. See for yourself!


Back to Eden, The Way of Herbs, My 1st Natural Health Books

“Do not eat food robbed of its life-giving elements.”

“Nine out of every ten could get well if they would use simple Godfarmacy-given means.” — Jethro Kloss, Back to Eden.



51ZN91DAKWL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_One of the very first Natural Health books I ever bought was, Jethro Kloss’ Back to Eden and Michael Tierra’s, The Way of Herbs.  I believe I got it from either P Street  Naturally Yours, or what was Pyramid Bookstore, back in the day in Washington, DC. It was the early 90s.  I had ‘healed’ myself from most of my childhood ailments like eczema, bronchial problems,and  allergies to name a few.


Deep down I knew without conviction that the human body could, provided it had the right nutrients, re-balance  itself into wholeness. I knew that if we only at the right foods we could help cure ourselves. I believed that Mother Earth had within its vast ecological system a library older than man himself plentiful, powerful and to cure ANY man-made ailment, crisis, or disaster. The Earth, I thought intuitively, could Heal Herself. And if the Earth could heal itself,  the Human body could follow this same principle of rejuvenation and return to balance.  I was drawn to Natural Healing and found Back to Eden a  great introduction into the world of health, balance and alternative to living.  I used these books to study Naturopathy,  Herbal Healing, Asian healing philosophies, vegetarian food recipes, and ways to live “with” Mother Earth.


My Fitness Week Review!

My Fitness Week Review! Meeting Superheros, My 1st Cycle Class, Body Building AND Yoga Practice,  Crazy Leg Day, Spontaneous Crossfit WOD!


Week Review - yoga, crossfit, cycle, training! repeat!!
Week Review – yoga, crossfit, cycle, training! repeat!!


30-Day Challenge, Choosing to Be Fit!

You’ve seen the quote “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw, well, what if the saying goes,  Life is about Creating Yourself AND Challenging Yourself?~ Ria Sweetraw Takharu

AlthoQuote_120507ugh Ive been an example of living a healthy lifestyle for over 25 years, I have, like many delved into various levels of nutrition, alternative health modalities, and aspects of fitness. So technically, Ive lived a healthy lifestyle, but the question of being fit is something very different.  One can be healthy by being active 30 minutes a day with exercise,  running or walking. Staying healthy is eating the right food choices, getting the right amount of nutrients to support healthy body function, getting good rest and sleep each day, and getting in daily exercise to raise your heart  rate level. Simple, right? Being fit however is something very different.  In my opinion, choosing to Be Fit is committing to a weekly exercise program 3-5 days per week for 30 minutes to 1 hour, following nutritional menus that support your fitness goals, and measuring your results through strength, endurance,agility and aesthetic transformation.

Being Fit is where the challenge comes in! You look in the full length mirror and say tumblr_mod6lr9mE11sumr5go1_500“What if?” You ask yourself that forever looming question, “Do you have what it takes to be, or move to that kind of level, that next level?”


We ask ourselves this all the time. When we see others doing the very things we ‘wish’ we could do for ourselves. The ‘Challenge’ comes in and says “You can do it yourself!  Can you do it?” then slaps you with “Will you do it?”  Being Fit, is all about “The Challenge” one has within the Self to transform some area of your body, and ultimately areas of your Life.

fitness-motivational-posters-2Everything is connected. You change your Mental self talk, that changes your Motivation and thus your outlook on Life! That supports the transformation of  Your Physical body, but also your Spiritual body,and so on! It leads to a transformation of Energy. Ultimately, from Fear based self imposed limitations to Love -Inspired living and thriving. (smile)

Each day fitness allows me to see life with a new lens. I use this medium to dig deep within myself, question my Spirit and observe mental patterns that I have allowed to keep me from a better lifestyle, joy, happiness or love. When I allow ‘The Challenge’ to present itself I am only confronting some part of mySelf that has been resistant to change, transformation or balance.  When I make a choice to take ‘The Challenge’ (whatever form that comes in) I am saying to My Self, “I love YOU, YOu are enough, You are more than you think, You Can, You Will, DO IT, NOW!”  When I fail, I pause, I get back up, I go from walking to slow stride, to a sprint with long swift stretches, winning, its me against me, its me embracing me,  my whole body tingles, I am in the midst of transforming my my mind, body and spirit in this one moment. A part of mySelf is restored and healed. I am Transforming! The Challenge is the necessary component to Re+Creating YourSelf!


 Are you ready? Ready, Set, Let’s Go!

Okay, so that’s my spiritual piece on taking up  “The Challenge” and choosing to Be Fit. Now comes the physical ‘work’ . Where do you start? You may already have a Be Fit weekly routine or series of workouts, just as I do. You may want to “Add” something else to your routine. Or you may be considering starting a new fitness program and want to Be Fit. You may simply want to see if you can do an exercises for an extended period of time. You may want a New Challenge! (smile) Choose a 30-Day Challenge, here are a some exercise that target specific muscle groups that will support your fitness goals, some target the Abs, Legs, Arms, from Neila Rey. My son does them and comes out of his room drenched in sweat, panting and feeling accomplished, he’s been encouraging me to take a look and pick up a workout or challenge. I choose both!

Now Let’s Get It, Let’s Get Fit! (@riasweetraw: instagram, twitter, facebook @riasweetraw fitgoddess

Squats Challenge, http://www.neilarey.com


Cardio Challenge, www.neilarey.com
Cardio Challenge, http://www.neilarey.com
Core Challenge, www.neilarey.com
Core Challenge, http://www.neilarey.com