Motivation Mondays! Daily Push-Ups for Your Life!

Sagittarius & What They Hate “Cynical, Unenthusiastic and Selfish People” 


The Mind is All–King and Queen to whatever One wishes to achieve. This morning I had a cosmic soul mate in his overly pessimistic “the sky is falling” aura respond to my text after  I sent him a few positive affirmations and the Sun emoticon. He responded with “exams” and a worry face!!!

Are you kidding me, I thought, responding with MORE cheer and happiness to cover over his dark depressive mood. My final response before shutting off the communication? “PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER MAN!!  I love the Rain, its beautiful!” In fact, I may run in it and get some cardio in!”

Sometimes you have to surround yourself ONLY with the Dreamers, Doers, 2the Planners, the Go+Getters Who Achieve and Figure Out Solutions!

As a Sagittarius, I can handle but so much of the negative-is-life attitude and feed back. I love giving positive cheery higher vibrations no matter what a sistuation may look like I believe I can (You can overcome!!) and I LOVE reciprocating that right back!

Truth is I’ve awakened as of late to keenly observe others around me. If I see that I am giving positive energy but the other I am communicating with is ONLY feeding me back negativity I will take note, bring this to his or her attention, then make conscious decision to stay, push back or cut the relationship. The later being the most obvious choice. Hey who wants a person constantly bringing you down and crushing your dreams with their negative self talk and broken life bitterness? Uhhh? You go naturally with what feels good to the Soul, at least I do these days!!! When you are in the midst of powerful transformation you need to have positive support and a loving sunshine “you can do it” type of feedback mixed with some honesty, realism providing “how to’s” rather than planting negative seeds into your creative environment.  Why? Because You deserve it! 🙂

Keep with it, whatever it is you’re moving forward, toward and upward! I believe in YOU!

Attract what you wish to see in another first from within yourself! The Universe will follow your seed, so seed motivation, success, happiness, achievement and of course, love! (@RiaSweetraw, follow  NaturalSelf™❤ Lifestyle+Fitness on Twitter!)


AM Protein Shakes! ~ Make ’em Green!

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Green Protein Shakes

My Rest (Exam Day) – Your Day of Motivation

Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.Oprah Winfrey

Everyday is pretty much Motivation Day! I put in 5 to 6 days per week training and practicing dance. Roughly 2-5.5 hours daily on some form of fitness. No matter how sore, tired, busy I get I dedicate a block of my time to train. I call it my Self+Love Investment and of course it just doesnt end with daily fitness training. This Self Love oozes over into many areas of my daily life.