Have you been listening to your Dreams lately? Ive been dreamy this weekend!  There is a surprising cool breeze here in Augusta that brings a smile all over my body, it’s absolute ‘magic’ to what was an oppressively hot week! This wind is heavenly and much appreciated….  APPRECIATION!  LISTEN to your Inner Self what isContinue reading “DREAMY APPRECIATION…MOTIVATED MONDAYS!”

Spin, Cycle or SoulCyle? Is it worth it?

The Cycle Challenge One of my BodyBuilding.com ‘friends’ boasted that she had a “Beast” of a workout  which caught my attention. I had just gained an extra 5 pounds in muscle but was still bothered by the natural weight gain and realizing I needed to even my numbers out to keep my 1lb in theContinue reading “Spin, Cycle or SoulCyle? Is it worth it?”

I’m Here, I’m Now, I’m Ready!

I’ve been studying and passing my exams- whoot, whoot! passed them all no lower than 95%! Go Ria!  On my way to the gym to workout out at 5am this morning!!! My workout yesterday was mostly Abs and Core (included God-awful Burpees!!!!)  which put me in a sweat and Im missing the iron so here I go.Continue reading “I’m Here, I’m Now, I’m Ready!”

BeFit Mondays!

Motivation Mondays! Balancing Self in this Real World! Stay Focused and Manifest Your Goals!!!  I have a ‘ton’ of articles I’ve written for this blog, was working a few last night before my Sun interrupted me with Tumblr and CNN live footage from Ferguson! I was overwhelmed feeling Ive been purposefully in my own littleContinue reading “BeFit Mondays!”

Protect Your Knees, Pilates and Yoga Reign Supreme!

For your Erector Spinae (lower back) and knees /hip flexors get in some quality glute, hamstring, lower back exercises!  Ive incorporated some Glute-Ham, Weighted Hyperextensions and Lots of Core building exercises into my workouts lately and find that my soreness is not the pain I was feeling after heavy weighted Squats after Leg Day. MyContinue reading “Protect Your Knees, Pilates and Yoga Reign Supreme!”

Fitness Motivation Fridays!

I know, I know, Im preaching to the choir! WE know all about Eating Right and Eating Clean, so we have the proper nutrients and hormone levels to get the most out of our Training, Bodies and Mental Health, right? We know that the glow of our skin, nails, and Hair depend on our right eatingContinue reading “Fitness Motivation Fridays!”

Own Your Shit, You Create It, You Own It!

Relationships, this quote really struck me as I read this article on “We Are The MEN Women Want and We Are Sexy, Conscious and AWAKE” Kelly Marceau in Yoganonymous blog. It was actually something I may have written and made me chuckle. Is it time to clean up your own shit? Well I can agree owningContinue reading “Own Your Shit, You Create It, You Own It!”

Leg Day and Core, Shout Outs!

Leg Day (Thursday, Aug 14) Shout out to Tony (Captain America!), Alex (the 6 foot wonder), Sharon (Get At Em Girl) and of course Mike and his Big Boi’s for training with me today, during various workouts. Ray for treading with me in conversation on the elliptical and getting in my Plie Dumbbell Squats! MikeContinue reading “Leg Day and Core, Shout Outs!”

Empower: The UnHealthy Truth, Why Organic Matters

  One of my favorite Natural Hair bloggers is a Sister who’s curl pattern is much like mine and my daughters, Naptural85. She’s honest, clear spoken, an introvert and has the best natural hair remedies I seem to relate to organically, holistically and somehow spiritually. For me that’s a big deal, down to earth, athlete turned glamContinue reading “Empower: The UnHealthy Truth, Why Organic Matters”

Supermoon, Perseids Meteor Showers and Peace!

With the Supermoon still glaring between the trees and the constellations aligned, Im in a warm surge of energy, part earth, part cosmic, all me, at peace and in gratitude. Like the shooting stars (comets) of Perseids, bursting from the cosmos to earth, may you also see your dreams to fruition in the here and now.Continue reading “Supermoon, Perseids Meteor Showers and Peace!”