Listening to Your Body, Mind and Soul

304611_10100972501935244_265397390_nI’ve been “under” the weather lately, and really not knowing how to blog about it! I saw someone post on facebook that we must be like water and learn to ‘flow with’ life and it truly struck me that was a wise lesson to embrace d9a3463671d2cc9622b352870e378303during times when life throws you drastic movement and change. Coincidentally, I was also on my ‘flow’ and just coming off of a few heavier days of menstrual drama (for me anything past 4 days is drastic enough to challenge my daily workout and training routine) and I was forced to take a few extra days to simply rest and replenish my body, mind and soul during some stressful periods of change!  Last night, all I could feel was such deep gratitude for the powerful changes in my own life. Surely, I thought, I could have prepared for these shifts better and simply surged ahead. But there is no regret only gratitude and deeper love!


Sometimes we get to see honestly what we may be holding onto that no longer serves our highest good when we resist change even in small ways. The goal is to be aware of our actions, consciously, subconsciously, on the surface and otherwise, then act accordingly in alignment with our purpose and gifts. We must move forward fearlessly and with faith that the Universe is supporting our highest good. (smile) I felt so overwhelmed with bliss, love and simple well being, I feel all of this at this very moment. After a very long day, I listened to my body and rested, still sore from my bicep and ab workout! And awoke rejuvenated and ready!

~ xo + Be Fit! Ria 

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