Supermoon, Perseids Meteor Showers and Peace!

With the Supermoon still glaring between the trees and the constellations aligned, Im in a warm surge of energy, part earth, part cosmic, all me, at peace and in gratitude. Like the shooting stars (comets) of Perseids, bursting from the cosmos to earth, may you also see your dreams to fruition in the here and now. Time for Meditation, rejuvenation, silence, listening, and becoming… Peace Family!

xo ~ Ria 


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Back/Cardio, Elliptical and Impromptu Group Ab Routine

Dont look back at what you did or didnt do, just do, now! 


A big huge thanks to Mike and Ray who inspired me today to do more, be on point and train dirty.

The Big Bois were heavy deep and shredded up in that house (smiling) and truly helped me along the way. So much gratitude brothers!! For all the Smiles, and “Are you in the Military?”  with sureness, “ahh no, im a Yogi!” (kitty smile)

0812_selfieToday as part of my training, I resampled the  elliptical, normally not one of my favorite machines. It was the end of my Back workout and I got in a good 15 minutes before my phone rang. Then I was revisited by a fellow builder named Ray, also a fellow Sagittarius,  earning his body back to shred level. He noticed my pause as I looked to the door to wrap up my training.

“Uh done already, I just knew the way you worked out, you’d be on here longer? It will really benefit you, you’ll get more out of your workout doing 30 minutes!” As he made his way to the exit with an unexpected interruption.  The thought of another 30 minutes uninterrupted left my mind simply blank, but I was challenged. My pre workout stretch routine had me face several training on the elliptical, all body shapes and sizes were swaying back and forth on this machine, still I simply took note then headed to the pull up  machine!

It wasnt until Ray’s words of encouragement that challenged my effort. I could do more I thought and set the timer for 3o minutes.
And the sweat began, I was up and down, leaning in then up on my toes, using the bars, getting the workout from my chest, arms and shoulders, singing and “dancing”. What does that mean, Ive entered into a new world of elliptical training full of measured time, beastmode, on and off again to jump rope, back to beastmode, then slow down and really use this machine to my benefit. Now its on! haha I love exploring new things in the gym!! Eye candy to fit candy!