Own Your Shit, You Create It, You Own It!

8b2814635767a74fd4828032c84487b8Relationships, this quote really struck me as I read this article on “We Are The MEN Women Want and We Are Sexy, Conscious and AWAKE” Kelly Marceau in Yoganonymous blog. It was actually something I may have written and made me chuckle. Is it time to clean up your own shit? Well I can agree owning it is half the battle. Remember that this life is 100% what you create. Since my last relationship Ive been on hiatus. Since then I’ve come to some serious realizations. Know thyself, never settle, dont take shyt or false truths as fact, be true to yourself, dont procrastinate, conquer your fears, be accountable, own your shit (giggle) and keep it moving! On the court, in the box, on the treadmill, in life! You Create It, You Own It! 

More from her article: What Sexy, Consciously Awake Women NEED & Don’t WANT from Men

Choosing Conscious Awareness was fuuucking brutal.

Real Self Examination requires COURAGE and DISCIPLINE.

You don’t know what courage looks like until you are sinking in piles of your own shit and you have to figure a way out before it suffocates you.

Let’s make no mistake—Consciously Awake Women don’t just exist—we have evolved through enormous effort and courage to confront the tumultuous waters of our own emotional landscape and social conditioning. Women like us are not entitled or self righteous, we are confident and love ourselves. Don’t mistake self-love and self-care for selfish. Women like us are not selfish, we just have boundaries, and we trust our intuition. 




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