Get Your Vitamin C, Boost Your Immune System Now!

Vitamin C Gives Staying Power to Antioxidants December 04, 2007 | Those who take lemon juice in their tea may be getting far more of the health benefits, according to a study funded by the National Institutes of Health. Catechins are naturally occurring antioxidants found in tea; complementing green tea with either citrus juices orContinue reading “Get Your Vitamin C, Boost Your Immune System Now!”

Frequency Cures Cancer, the Life Work of Dr. Royal Rife

For those of you who never knew cancer has been cured not only by Royal Rife but other scientists using various natural healing methods and modalities. I stumbled upon an email I received yesterday from a facebook friend who when I searched has been sending me data for over a year now on Royal RifeContinue reading “Frequency Cures Cancer, the Life Work of Dr. Royal Rife”

Athlete Spotlight: Stevie Bubble Williams

I know about the “Bubble” Stevie Williams explains when he boasts about doing something so intently with so much love, so much fervor, so much focus, everything else seems illusionary, secondary, unimportant!  At that moment life is about what you do, who you have become and what makes you alive! Thanks to URBN Im upContinue reading “Athlete Spotlight: Stevie Bubble Williams”