Get Your Vitamin C, Boost Your Immune System Now!

Milk is not a healthy source of vitamin C and in many cases your body doesn't even get Vitamin C from milk due to the high levels of phosphorus in cows. Get your vitamin C in healthy ways

Vitamin C Gives Staying Power to Antioxidants

December 04, 2007 |

Those who take lemon juice in their tea may be getting far more of the health benefits, according to a study funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Catechins are naturally occurring antioxidants found in tea; complementing green tea with either citrus juices or vitamin C increases the amount of catechins available for the body to absorb.

Catechins may be responsible for some of green tea‘s reported health benefits, such as a reduced risk of cancer, heart attack and stroke. But catechins are relatively unstable in the intestines meaning that less than 20 percent of the total generally remains after digestion.

Citrus juice increased available catechin levels by more than five times, and vitamin C increased recovered levels of the two most abundant catechins by six-fold and thirteen-fold.

Lemon juice caused 80 percent of tea‘s catechins to remain available.

Mario Ferruzi, the study’s lead author, is currently conducting an in vivo study (study on a live organism) to find out if increased levels of intestinal catechins will actually translate to higher levels of absorbed catechins in your body.


Read full article from Dr. Mercola and find out why the FDA is trying to shut down the Vitamin C supplements and IV Treatments! (Now the FDA is Going After Vitamin C! )

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Frequency Cures Cancer, the Life Work of Dr. Royal Rife

Fgerson1or those of you who never knew cancer has been cured not only by Royal Rife but other scientists using various natural healing methods and modalities. I stumbled upon an email I received yesterday from a facebook friend who when I searched has been sending me data for over a year now on Royal Rife and on Electromagnetic Frequency Healing, including Solar Rejuvenation and Energy Medicine. So I thought as I was doing some quickie research hmmm I’d better share. If you find my facebook page you will see in my album section “The ReEducation of Ria” an article on Royal Rife including his book and link to a documentary about his life, scientific medical discoveries, theories, inventions and cures for cancer. What happened to Rife’s discoveries? Like most scientists who have “cured” cancer or solved our most devastating human medical and ecological environmental crisis of our time their work, research, claims, journals and books, inventions, have been either confiscated by the government or authorities and wiped out from the history books and school books. As I mentioned this morning, if I didnt have a solid foundation on my history I would be lost because “my face” has been omitted from world culture. I reminded of this fact consistently while sitting through the Gone Girl previews yesterday with the new film Exodus (smh) I was stunned that a more ‘true’ variation of this story was not shown in this day and time, it is 2014 isnt it? Well even that should be up for worldly debate but as it is lol just another day in ‘time’ as we learn our earthly lessons and that “we” must indeed come together as one human tribe to heal, love, co exist, solve our human problems and begin a life of thriving in equality on this planet Earth. But back to Rife and his discovering curing cancer, his work was omitted from the history books yet many are today using his theories to heal various diseases including cancer, aids, hiv, et al.  As the old saying goes, the earth has everything we need to heal, cure and live in harmony,  and peace ! Or did I just create that one? Okay how about this one “Primum non nocere” translation, “First Do No Harm” Hippocratic Oath. 

~ xo Ready for my PreDawn Run and Walk with my Pup Phoenix, xo Human Family! Ria 


images (2) Rife-Video-Cover royal_rife_vitamin_c royal-rife the_original_royal_rife_microscope



Original Movie from the Royal Rife Website

Play in Windows Media Player-DSL
The Royal Rife Story 2 Hrs 12 min.
Royal Rife-In His Own Words 52 min.
Dr. Rife’s 1936 Lab Film 34 min.
(Lab film, free to watch, not for sale)
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The Royal Rife Story 2 Hrs 12 min.
Royal Rife-In His Own Words 52 min.
Dr. Rife’s 1936 Lab Film 34 min
(Lab film, free to watch, not for sale)
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The Royal Rife Story 2 Hrs 12 min.
Royal Rife-In His Own Words 52 min.
Dr. Rife’s 1936 Lab Film 34 min
(Lab film, free to watch, not for sale)








Athlete Spotlight: Stevie Bubble Williams

I know about the “Bubble” Stevie Williams explains when he boasts about doing something so intently with so much love, so much fervor, so much focus, everything else seems illusionary, secondary, unimportant!  At that moment life is about what you do, who you have become and what makes you alive! Thanks to URBN Im up at 4 ready to do ‘something’, these are the times living in the City would prove advantageous with opportunities to hit the Gym at 3, 4 or 5am, Yes AM and on the weekend no less! An impossibility here in this southern bible belt town! (side glance) Up, Wide Awake, taking note of my last dream and the messages therein, intending my day, my life, my energy, feeling my life lessons, and prepping mentally and spiritually for what is to come as I co Create “her”! Im happily up at dawn, grab my organic coffee-black with cane sucre and this vegan eggplant parmigiana , ready and  discover DGK, the Incredible story of Stevie Williams (top pro skater and lifestyle entrepreneur), GShock!, (my initial search for a new sports watch started this whole spark!), Gotham’s Nigel Sylvester from the NYC, and other athletes, surfers, fashionistas and brand making news!

High-Flying-StevieI like to think that life, this Life will afford me the ‘room’ to grow! To discover, and explore new things, people, events, sports, (smiling), books, technologies, fashion (wink), trends and gadgets and most of all expansion of the mind and heart! I havent worn a watch in over 20 years! Give or take a few months using one or two for fitness. The ideology or spiritual foundation behind watches seemed stifling once I learned the history it fueled my internal guidance system’s confirmation that no i didnt need to be apart of that ‘time is money’ ritual while lying to myself running up and down I-95 metropolitan corridor, I was absolutely caught up in the ideology without any rules or true conscious of ‘Self” in winning the ‘game’. Even stronger, truly understanding what it all meant for me! It wasnt until I took residence here in Augusta, Georgia did all things truly come into light of day. Being a part of the other side of the 99% in America has fostered truth growth and deeper compassion for humanity. As a Stortyteller, I LOVE  the Hero! The wayward, on-purpose being searching Self through the All, loosing all, walking away from the all, only to find Him/Her Self in that All of existence in the Triumph of Life’s Sojourn. It is Romantic, Mythic, Epic, Fantasy and Realism wrapped into One Self Telling Truth! It is the light at the end of the dark tunnel. The realization that all that suffering and doubt was just a Test of the Soul, by the Soul to overcome not only adversity but illusion, of the Mind; the Projections of the Mind and Culture, and much deeper phenomenon.

I am THANKFUL  for this Life and Lessons! And I honor those who Triumph over the Odds on this Planet and Bring Vision to Fruition in the Whole!

Chp51_Leaders_StevieWilliams_FRANK151_2Athlete Showcase
Stevie Williams, December 17, 1979, this Philadelphia left ‘home’ for the skateboard dream at the tender age of 15 to roadtrip across the country to San Fran, California! You can catch him on epic clips in his teenage and early years with Element: Fine Artists Vol. 1 (1994),  Chocolate: The Chocolate Tour ( 1999),  Zoo York: Heads (1999), DC: The DC Video (2003) to name but a few. He is truly an athlete, an artist ohh and hands-down creative entrepreneur! 

Stevie Williams founded DGK in 2002 and named the acronym “Dirty Ghetto Kids” after his childhood skate crew.


“When everybody’s laughing at you for being on a skateboard, how can you really believe “yeah I can be the Michael Jordan of Skateboarding?”…I  was always of the kid in the middle, I understood both sides and i found myself in the middle.
The people who laughed at me for skateboarding ..people who believed that black people riding on a a skateboard is hilarious. It’s something you can make a joke about.. i mean its something that doesnt look successful you look like a clown you look like a misfit you dont look black you’re not around black people, you dont sound black  it’s so much adversity and challenges in life that you have to look past! ”

1218202576_6422499137 1_55350 skateproperty DGK_TWS_BARTON-600x400 DGK_Josh-Klais_SBM_layers_20110131194452






The Brand – DGK – at Macys’ 2012 with Lil Wayne