Detox Juice Blend: Green Kale Ginger Juice

Are you listening to your body? What messages has it been revealing to you lately?  Are you seeing dark circles under your eyes or dryer skin, are you more fatigued than usual, is your mind clear or cloudy? Listen to your body, it’s always communicating with you to follow ‘your’ plan of wellness protocol. YouContinue reading “Detox Juice Blend: Green Kale Ginger Juice”

Copper Obsessed, Healing Benefits!

Copper Obsessed, Healing Benefits! Ancient Healing Properties of Copper  Copper’s anti-microbial properties have been used since ancient times in Sumeria and Kemet (Ancient Egypt) to promote wellness, channel energy, activate life force (prana or chi) and fight dis-ease, infection.  Egyptians and Greeks used copper to kill bacteria, pathogens and parasites in drinking water. Copper is known toContinue reading “Copper Obsessed, Healing Benefits!”