Copper Obsessed, Healing Benefits!

Copper Obsessed, Healing Benefits!

Ancient Healing Properties of Copper 

ankhbraceletCopper’s anti-microbial properties have been used since ancient times in Sumeria and Kemet (Ancient Egypt) to promote wellness, channel energy, activate life force (prana or chi) and fight dis-ease, infection. 

Egyptians and Greeks used copper to kill bacteria, pathogens and parasites in drinking water. Copper is known to fight fungus and has a 2000 plus year history of medical applications for pathologies and healing.

Copper’s anti-microbial properties

Copper (Cu), Trace Element

Assists in the absorption of iron (Fe). Helps the body expel fat while increasing metabolism, neutralizes free radicals,
Produces hemoglobin (red blood cells) and myelin (substance surrounding the nerve fibers), collage and of course, melanin!
Increases Vitamin C metabolism, and structural protein for muscles and joints. In addition, it acts as an Anti-inflammatory agent known to reduce the symptoms of arthritis, and inflammatory diseases.

 Ever wonder what that blue-green dark spot on your skin was from wearing copper? It’s called iontophoresis, excess sulphates expelled from the body  via the integumentary  system (skin). This indicates that your copper bracelet is working and ridding your body of excess toxins.


Copper Infused Clothing

The week of this draft I saw Asian medical doctors wearing copper infused clothing to work with patients as a preventative measure for diseases and wellness. Unfortunately I couldnt find that news segement anywhere on ‘my’ google search but I did find this from TFOT (The Future of Things):

Cupron’s manufacturing process and products, An Israeli company developed a technology which uses copper to create anti bacterial clothing. The technology which recently received the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approval is said to be able to reduce active fungus in athlete’s foot by more than 99.9 percent after 12 hours of contact with the fiber.


More Facts on Copper, Esoteric, Historical, Myths

Copper is an ancient healing metal found in Sumeria and Egypt’s Africa was once said to be more precious than Goldcopper_obsessed. In Egypt this metal is associated with the Goddess HetHeru (Hathor: “House or Celestial Heaven of the God Heru”) where Copper Ore and Turquoise mines (Sinai, Serabit el-Khadim (Khadem) were established in her honor. Ancient Egyptians took great care of the Earth’s natural resources and fully understood with their higher senses and clairvoyant forms of communication to live harmonically ‘with’ the Earth and thus not only used architecture and technology as a ‘tool’ to ‘energize’ the planet but to subsequently filter and transmute intentional ‘energy’ to it’s communities, citizens and tribes (kingdoms) and ecosystems. For us (modern day humans) to properly understand the phenomena of Ancient Egyptian culture and the metaphysical spiritual behaviour and psyche of the predynastic human of ancient Egypt or Sumer one would have to establish or accept that humans of that ‘time’ were in many ways ‘more’ advanced in the sciences, mathematics, arts etc than we are today.



Maintaining Wellness with Metals and Gems


I wear copper because I LOVE the way it feels! There is an ancient, mythical quality about it that I seem to have an affinity for,sure it might be the black girl hippy in me (smile), but I feel closer to “Earth” and “wellness” when I wear it with my homemade gems, necklaces, bracelets and waistbeads. I mix copper with my bead-making jewelry to give my creations an outer-worldly look and feel. It’s another beautiful “gem” that looks sexy, amazing while healing you simultaneously — As Nature intended!

~ Empowerment, Wellness, Prosperity and Unity!

Ria Sweetraw Takharu





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