Yoga for Beginners! Inspired by Janelle Monae’s “Yoga” & the Era of Madam CJ Walker

MADAMCJWALKER_THEFIRSTI am doing my best to introduce my daughter to the wonderful healing gifts of yoga! It’s a sacred movement that becomes a spiritual practice and heals the body, mind and spirit in the process.  She showed me Janelle Monae’s Yoga video last night and I could only chuckle. It was only two weeks ago I was showing her Villa Lewaro, the shack to mansion hair-care business legacy of  Madam CJ Walker (b.December 23, 1867) aka Sarah Breedlove from the cottonfields and washrooms aka The First Female American Millionaire”; the Mother of “I got my start by giving myself a start!”  All during the most terrorized decades of Jim Crow she and others like her prospered to achieve and give back to their community, providing employment, education, homes, beauty, culture and way to make it out of slavery consciousness. 

Kudos, fist pumps, Ase’s and more Love to Ms. Janelle Monae! Artists like these are needed for the consciousness of our children, to help shape their lies and perceptions of Self and their World. Let the rebirth begin…


Black Women, Yoga and Healing!



2o – minute Yoga for Beginners 


Janelle Monae + Jidenna — Yoga

Spiritual Awakening: Embracing Your Gifts, Being Home Within

inspireLife is a series of synchronicities, events, “ping backs” of energy from within the Self set out into our outer world. I am on the eve of my 16 yr old daughter’s acceptance into college! The last few days have been a whirlwind of scenarios, phone calls, emails, and embracing the new world of freshman college!
I am so thankful for all that is, this excitement, this awakening, this movement, thankful for my daughter’s focus and perseverance, for her Sekhmet strength and royal nature,  and for my consistent determination for change and love. Lots have been churning in the darkness and just as sure as the cycles consistently prove themselves the foundation of our Earthly existence, the truth of who and what you are shines through as the cornerstones of the next adventure in life. As I awakened to sunshine this morning, the words “you cant do over, but you can create something beautiful!” And thought I better use my design skills and create a cute quote for this one!

“Children you are the Best Gift that this world has, and I believe in you…so thank you!” ~SOBONFU SOME


We must keep ‘moving’, ‘shaking’, dancing, boxing, kicking, and most of all resting in the lotus within our Sacred Self to truly understand our lives, our gifts, our purpose and our strategies of living a life of fulfillment and happiness on this beautiful planet Earth.


Happy New Moon!