Increasing The LoVe Feeling and Acts of Gratitude!


With all the stuff going on in our world it’s easy to get overwhelmed, stay on tasks with deadlines, projects, exercise practices and routines, family and friends. But it’s a must to stay centered, spiritual and empowered! Sometimes a dose of “the Love Feeling” is exactly what you need to stay in that higher vibration space. The “love feeling” can be stimulated by acts of kindness, a walk in nature, forms of exercise, quality sex, yoga, and even laughter. Perhaps creating art where you are not in judgment of yourself or your work but connecting to a deeper side of your self is the answer. Or giving for the sake of giving and other acts of kindness without recognition may spark and activate feeling satisfied within.

tumblr_n3h0u307FD1trqkmoo1_500Do something today that will empower yourself by empowering others: 

  • Give a compliment and really mean it, or offer some form of wisdom and advice.
  • Perhaps you have some extra money for charity or donation to give to something you believe in and want to support.
  • Send an email or card to someone in your family, or a lover or friend to show you appreciate them.
  • Volunteer your time to an organization in your community.
  • Tell someone “I Love You” from the Heart.
  • Spend time outdoors in Nature.
  • Give your loved one(s) a hug!
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes and work up a sweat!
  • Hug yourself for 100% effort and focus on your Goals!
  • Give yourself a bubble bath or purchase a massage.
  • Spend some time alone in meditation.
  • Speak words that heal, empower and send love!

AM Surya Namaskara Yoga

Nothing feels more powerful than starting your rising with breathing, intention and Yoga! Surya Namaskara Sun Salutations  helps to balance out my emotions, bringing clarity and aiding in my spiritual development. What I bring to the mat I can release on the mat and rejuvenate myself with higher vibrations, inner joy and empowerment.


Benefits of Practicing Sun Salutation 

1. Turning your Focus inward into your Body and strengthening the Breath – Improving Circulation

2. Strengthening the Digestive System -Digestive Organs

3. Stimulates the Glands

4. Improves Lungs and Respiratory System

5. Relaxes the Central Nervous System against stress and anxiety

6. Increases libido and sexual function including Reproductive System

7. Decreases Kidney issues and restores balance

8. Strengthens Immunity

9. Increases flexibility and youthfulness

10. Keeps you physically strong and mentally agile


What Do Vegan’s Eat? A “Few” Pics from My Veggie Journal

What do Vegan’s eat?

Veggies, fruits, some legumes, or grains, lots of raw juices and smoothies, some sweets on occasion! 

lil_greenmonster_juiceFor my comfort food cravings, I made a spaghetti meatless pasta to die for. Quick, easy, and sooo tasty! Hmmm I had “Fish” tacos, Okra Gumbo with black rice and avocado, hhmm for breakfast I made raw vegan “pankcakes” (coconut and flax seed with homemade berry syrup), another day, I prepped chia seeds and had a mango, pineapple, cherry chia pudding (that was delicious!!). Another morning, I had scrambled non-gmo “V-eggs”  with greens and avocado! Ohh my gosh, homemade Almond Milk, the BEST Ever!!!!! I’m bent on NEVER buying store bought almond milk again!

Here are a few pics of my vegan journal, thus far!

Cheers and Bliss! ~ Ria Sweetraw 






Happy Fit Friday! HIIT (300cal) , Raw Green Monster, and Mantras all Before 8:30 am

It’s been a while! Ive been on my Vegan, Natural Vegetarian and Raw Food nutrition!! Doing alot of internal alchemy as well. No Coffee (which was my only real vice!!!) And not much sugar accept for a Chai Tea here and there and dried berries which can contain quite a bit of sugar. ( I have by eyes on that!)

what-im-looking-for-is-within-meThis morning .well I havent slept yet! I was up working on a web development project..the time just flew by way too fast. I have a problem with stopping and just getting some rest, I want to keep going lol .. Since I watched the Sun come up between keystrokes and edits. I figured I could get my 1st Workout for the day, a 300 calorie burn HIIT program. YES!!!

motivational_quotes_17I feel sore from the other day already but somewhat satisfied. Increasing intensity is my immediate goal. Being Vegan and working out feels amazing! My first week was pretty tough transitioning from fish and eggs and dairy, I made my Sun breakfast with eggs and sausage while I had an organic non -gmo tofu scramble! And didnt miss any of it! I’m feeling lighter but grounded with enough fat to burn in the right places!

On the strict alkaline diet my menses have been lighter! I feel great! Focused, clear minded and energetic!!! Okay gotta fly, and whip up a Green Monster. I plan to do another workout before sunset!

Have a Beautiful Fit Friday! Make Gains!!! xo 
Ria Sweetraw