Increasing The LoVe Feeling and Acts of Gratitude!

With all the stuff going on in our world it’s easy to get overwhelmed, stay on tasks with deadlines, projects, exercise practices and routines, family and friends. But it’s a must to stay centered, spiritual and empowered! Sometimes a dose of “the Love Feeling” is exactly what you need to stay in that higher vibration space.Continue reading “Increasing The LoVe Feeling and Acts of Gratitude!”

AM Surya Namaskara Yoga

Nothing feels more powerful than starting your rising with breathing, intention and Yoga! Surya Namaskara Sun Salutations  helps to balance out my emotions, bringing clarity and aiding in my spiritual development. What I bring to the mat I can release on the mat and rejuvenate myself with higher vibrations, inner joy and empowerment. Benefits ofContinue reading “AM Surya Namaskara Yoga”