Motivation : : Finish! (What YOU Started!)

finishWe all have our moments in life, I mean those big “Ah Ha” moments, those EPIC moments that change your life forever. Spring of 2015 was my season of awakening. The kind that jolts you into action, turns your life upside inside out to bring it right again. Im not ashamed to admit Ive been  a little off my center (out of my natural realm, sorta speak) and this realigning process was anything but easy. But this is what they say right, transformation is not for the faint of heart, it is for the courage, the fearless, those rising into higher realms of being and knowing! It is said that change hurts- especially in the gym during that hella workout when you just wish that last lap was already done but you keep running anyway! Cause something inside of you is supporting your win, your triumph, your “I Can!” And you’re determined not to stop but make it in that box, right your name on the board, record your time and take that snap shot for keep sake and proof that the mind sometimes does lie- that you’re better than you thought you was and you’re perseverance will get you exactly where you intended to be. It’s a powerful and welcoming spiritual experience. A rites of passage. Yes, Lawd! 🙂

yoga at dawn

The morning balcony is a beautiful “Self+Love” sacred space. The perfect time of the morning to take in the sounds of birds chirping, One actually flew away from the Tree to perch on the roof and face me starring for a few seconds. The almost quiet and serene just-before-dawn sounds- peace filled. Yoga at this time in the morning is precious and sacred! The Sun is being saluted and praised! My spirit is being renewed and refreshed.

the subtle shift
 I just finished my eBook draft today and going to press. Apart from my 30 Day Vegan Challenge (and still going strong!) I have been writing and writing (and writing) all aspects of content these past few weeks. Finishing this site has been a major force of will,  although I’m moving it anyway – bigger, better, more efficient and pretty – Yet something very right and in alignment has me  in a mode of ‘finish what you started’ — and so it is.  These past few weeks, Ive had to reteach myself some things. For one cut out distractions and focus on one thing – only! Sounds easy right? Wrong! For years I bragged on being a “multi tasker” – the best, most efficient, busy person. What an illusion! 

True it’s a blessing and beautiful gift to be highly creative and channel all kinds of creativity, but you can’t harness it, build, mold, fashion, create and produce the idea then it’s really just a waste of energy to start, stop and start again. It’s a vicious cycle of incompleteness and the kind of failure that is non-productive. I’d rather fail from doing then not doing at least the latter you’ve gained wisdom and experience.

Re+Teaching Yourself to Focus and Discard Distraction
Now, I haven’t done this since the birth of my twin boys; it was impossible back then to’just focus on one thing‘ they demanded my attention and I was constantly scanning for outcomes as they learned to walk and run, life changed and I never looked back. But through the years, constant distractions became a culture. A way of life in the modern world. So some bad habits set in. I had to make some serious changes and fast. I had to recall or rather call upon my “former Self,” where I’d focus for hours in music or dance – way back before children, and responsibilities of life ruled the day. I figured, if I had those skills mastered back then, then it’s still very much a part of who and what I am even today. So I allowed those dormant energies to give rise and take there natural place back into my living world. haha! Yes I am bit dramatic, as poets and writers can be! (exhale)

It is as if my whole way of doing things has shifted, readjusted, transformed and as Nina says “..and it feels soo good!” I’m so loving these moments in time.

Eternal & InLove,



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