Day 2: ♥ 30 Day Fitness Challenge –

Break~Fast Simple Break~fast:  Organic Tofu Scramble w Mushrooms Lightly Sauteed Organic Spinach and Kale Fresh Berries (Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries) certified organic Coconut Milk (fresh) Workout Hero – Day 2 Yoga Challenge – Day 2 Walk to Run  Meditation – Day 2  Ab Core Workout  Notes: My abs are sore from  yesterday’s workout. I think the Climbers – Level 2Continue reading “Day 2: ♥ 30 Day Fitness Challenge –”

♥ 30 Day Meditation Challenge – w/ Faith Hunter

Day 1 – Getting Started With Meditation – with Faith Hunter     There are so many benefits to practicing meditation!  Improves Sleep and Sleep patterns Lowers Blood Pressure Increased good mood Increases Serotonin production Strengthens the Immune System Empowers Energy and Inner Outer Strength Decreases Anxiety and depression Increases Intuition and opens higher chakras Creates aContinue reading “♥ 30 Day Meditation Challenge – w/ Faith Hunter”

The Cutest Motivation! – from SoulPancake

20 Things We Should Say More Often My favorite, #15 – YOU CAN DO IT! In this ultra-cute and very true message brought to you by the adorable Kid President, we are reminded about several things and phrases we should say more often, and to be pleasant, friendly, honest, and awesome overall! What’s not toContinue reading “The Cutest Motivation! – from SoulPancake”