The Next 30 – Fit Friday Motivation!

My Rest Days are over and I am back in the saddle ready the next 30 Days! Here’s what I did yesterday! Today I’ve done 2 workouts this morning up at 4 ish am, Vegan Protein smoothie and Coconut Water within reach! I joined an Accountability Group but I pretty much have that arena onContinue reading “The Next 30 – Fit Friday Motivation!”

gratitude givings ♥ #211

I am Thankful to all the Beautiful Alive, Awake and Thriving Beings Those Knowing of themselves in higher Frequencies of Ascension and those struggling through the process of Rebirth I remember You as I remember mySelf Do not walk in Despair but Certainty Claim your Greatness Blossom to Your Gifts the Wisdom of our Ancient AncestorsContinue reading “gratitude givings ♥ #211”

Rest Day!? ACTIVE Rest Day

Rest Days  – Active Rest Days Daily Stats: Workout: Yoga Extreme – Duration: 30 minutes Ab Core – 10 minutes Total Calories Burned = 149 (Total Daily Calories : 1108)    Exhaling! This morning’s Yoga Class was absolutely needed the Upward Dog never felt so good! My back had kinks I didn’t know it could hold.Continue reading “Rest Day!? ACTIVE Rest Day”

Day30 ♥ of the 30 Day Fitness Challenge!

Congrats for COMPLETING the 30 Day Fitness Challenge! Consistency is Key! I’m teaching myself this valuable lesson among other habits. 😉  Today the 28th, Tuesday, I am filled with images of Cycles, Completion, Tuesdays, the God Ogun fierce Warrior over Chaos, Adversity, and Untruths! So much around us need to be restored to proper naturalContinue reading “Day30 ♥ of the 30 Day Fitness Challenge!”

Day29 ♥ Hero’s Journey + 21 Day Fix Extreme – Monday Motivation!

Happy Day 29 ♥ – Cardio, Upper Body and Abs!  Yeah almost at Day 30 of my 30 Day Fitness Challenge! Very excited for this completion and ready for the next 30 days (wink). The Hero’s Journey last a total of 60 Days and the 21 Day Fix Extreme (Beachbody program) lasts another 16 ? days!Continue reading “Day29 ♥ Hero’s Journey + 21 Day Fix Extreme – Monday Motivation!”

Day28 ♥ Happy SUNday! – Leg Day & Ab Work

Leg Day done! I”m ready for this Ab routine!! I’m drenched in sweat! ♥ I love working out in the early morning. The rest of my day is mine!;-) Yesterday I had to sleep extra hours which is probably just ‘normal’ sleep cycle to recover from these routines. But I’m not complaining. I ran my dogContinue reading “Day28 ♥ Happy SUNday! – Leg Day & Ab Work”