Top Natural Hair Bloggers and Vloggers!

This could be placed under BE EMPOWERED! – but  I figured it might better serve (at least for now) under the Natural Hair (r)Evolution page. Here is a short list of the BEST natural hair resources on the web! I’ve committed myself to leave my own hair in its “natural’ state sans ‘protective styling’ hair which I love but seem to become addicted to which creates for me, a cycle of ‘hairicide.’ For those who don’t know I  chopped off my hair in May of this year when I went Vegan. I’m now going into month two documenting this whole experience!


I think it was Naptural85 (pictured on the far left) in one of her vlogs that woke me up to my own hair growth dilemma, when she said she tried to wear braids and it only took her real hair out. Sigh, lesson painfully learned. At this point I will cultivate this thing called patience. In honor of these patient masters, these beauty goddesses in their most precious and prized natural hair glory, here is my list of the “Best!

hb-vloggers_hellobeautifulBlack Girl with Long Hair | Celebrating Natural Hair

Curly Nikki | Natural Hair Styles and Natural Hair Care

Afrobella | A Natural Hair, Beauty, Fashion and Makeup

Black Naps – Type 4 Natural Hair Care and Styles

4c Hair Chick – The #1 online community for type 4 naturals

Naptural85 – Natural Hair Care Tips

un’ruly | a place for black hair

Natural Hair Rules!!! | Your Hair Authority

KinkyCurlyCoilyMe7 things Every Big Chopper Needs

Nappturality Black Natural Hair Care

Other Honorable Mentions 

Global Couture – Apparel and Accessories

Hey Natural Beauties! | Natural Hair, Beauty & Living

Top Hair Vloggers



NikkiMae2003 –

Sporty Afros – Hair and Fitness

My Natural Sistas


Lifestyle and Beauty Vloggers

Shameless Maya

Its My RayeRaye



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