Day 4: ♥ Keep it Moving! – Squats and PushUps!

Yeah Day 4!

38-Fitness-Motivational-Quotes-To-Make-Your-Life-HealthyHere we go, The Armory aka weapons practice of the Hero’s Journey!

I added the Bow and Arrow– yesterday and did 1hr over 30 minutes. I can’t say it was easy, those hills and sprinting! Jeez! But I have to do it again!! It was so worth it! The  The Magic Ring was cool but I also added additional exercises and reps to feel how I feel after a workout in the gym. Go hard or go home! lol It seems in the gym or in sports or nature I get to express my ego side, shadow, rather true self lol haha! my complete self!! I love being a Sagittarius! I sweat soo much doing the Bow and Arrow I know I burned up mucho calories and came home 2 shades darker which translates into my body deserving of some good ole’ Vitamin D -SunKissed Sunshine! Did my meditation and yoga, then had my Vegan meal and was ready for some real rest and relaxation! (exhale)

Here’s to Day 4 FitFamily! Keep it Moving! 

Rest day huh? Well since I started on Day 2 I will keep going and do a double Day 5! Since I discovered my arms sagging while buying avocados, I gasped in horror! If you see them you probably can’t see excessive flabby skin, but the fact that they jiggle – whew! has in my ‘work harder mode” I cant have old lady arms lol I’m too young for that! hah  Okay, so I’m not that overweight, but I can get tighter!!! So I added this one to my Daily program!




Do Pushups Get Rid of the Flabby Part of Your Arm?



Pushups can help eliminate arm flab associated with loose skin. Pushups are resistance exercises that target the pectoral and triceps brachii muscles. As with other types of resistance training, pushups help build muscle mass and can promote improvements in strength and exercise endurance. Pushups are generally classified as “body-weight” exercises, as they do not rely on dumbbells, barbells or other weight training equipment. (source:



 Benefits of a Push Up

  • Increases Metabolic Rate which helps Weight Loss
  • Strengthens your Core
  • Improves Strength
  • Tones and Conditions your muscles



How to do a perfect Push Up!

Thankful Thursdays: May You Wake with Gratitude

I am ThankFull for the BEES, the Mushrooms,
the Butterflies, this healing Sun,
these sacred Trees, and the Air I breathe!

Day 182

wake with gratitude

There is so much to be thankful for!

worldinhandsAs I was sprinting, running, walking my hour away today. The sight of butterflies and bees under the 80 degree Sun had me not only out of breath but smiling! Surely, I can find things to be thankful for EVERYDAY of the year! Acknowledge, speak and set those things in my heart ♥! I’ve come to the point in my life where so many changes are happening – I ONLY want to consciously and intentionally DO GOOD, having moved away from the material life I was once chasing! My whole life is in transformation.

Today, I only see things as part of the solution or part of the problem (crisis). Is my livelihood helping or indirectly harming the environment, community, and planet? For me there simply is no in between, it’s yes or no! There is a huge shift in how I see money, wealth, abundance, relationships and reciprocity.
I find it difficult and trying when I’m in a situation where I know I’m so much more aware and conscious but do only a fraction of what I can potentially, who else is gonna do it? Who are we waiting for? I no longer have the tolerance to withstand participating in  the same rhetoric continually  being drummed up emotionally where the result is anything other than solution-based and action-based involvement! I only want to be happy! And I choose Happiness over dogma, sedentary, complacency, insanity, or anything that is non life-supporting! 

I offer peace, wholeness, love, gratitude, creativity, freedom and conscious cooperation.