Day 10 ♥ Into the Storm – Push Ups and Arms! – Fitness, Hair Inspiration!

This Hero’s Journey has been pretty ‘honorable’ lol My weapons practice has been more Bow and Arrow then Magic Ring! For one, I discovered I cant go a day without some form of running under the Sun – even on days I feel less than energetic I have to be out there!  I walk and sprint intervals at a time 40 minutes to an hour sweating out the back of my little curly coils (which I think is a magical grow recipe!)

I’ve come to love the early dawn and sweat! And how I glow after these sessions. I was looking at myself in the mirror before and after my run and thought “ok I see some results, I see you!”  And I had the most beautiful natural hair dream just before waking up at 5am this morning! My tiny coils had grown into the most beautiful goddess kurly mane wrapped around my ears in a 20s bob – just gorgeous and magnificent. I am growing – myself and loving this journey!
All this to say Keep up and Don’t Give Up! Cause you’re soo worth it! ♥




Hair and Fitness Inspiration
Hair and Fitness Inspiration
Keep Going!!
Keep Going!!


Fitness wear from
Fitness wear from

gratitude givings ♥ #188


Thankful for my beautiful, smart, wise Children !

I am thankful you have made this journey with me!
I am thankful you choose me as your Mother!
This sacred role of being Guide, Teacher, lover of life,
care-giver and Divine Protectress, you taught me to fight for you,
to  Love You Unconditionally, and I became Warrioress of Love.

You have taught me so much about myself in this life

and I have reminded you of Spirit, and Healing Mother Father Earth,
Respecting Elders, Animals, Land, and Equality, Justice and Truth
Healthy Living and Thinking Critically,
Too See Clearly and Know Better
and I hope today just as I did when you were in my womb
only the best for your lives and destiny
That you truly know alignment and live your most True Self
and walk your days in happiness, love and spiritual freedom.
You have truly been the Love of my Life
I Love You Always! ♥

Day 188