gratitude givings ♥ – #190

Today I am thankful for my Daughter Kaya
Her perseverance through the storms, and the rains,
to better shinier brighter days
She is Goddess in the making, already perfectly made

I am already so very proud her achievements
Today she received her Entrance Letter into College!

For your Sophomore year in High School
AND your Freshman year in College!
I congratulate You!
You are proof that Dreams come true
And True Love is Real!

For being Beautiful AND Smart!
I love You Nefertari!

Forever! Your Mom

Day 190

Kaya Bae, July 2015
Kaya Bae, July 2015



Day 12 ♥ Fitness – Yeah It’s Yoga Day! (relax)

So I will be en route this weekend and excited to see my baby girl who’s just been accepted into college this year while a sophomore in high school. YESSS! The red in me comes out…

a-goddess-isFrom the outside looking in one might then think I’m not a very assertive or aggressive person (pause). This is hardly from the whole truth! These past few years certainly haven’t been very career oriented like others before! In fact, I’ve been having more of a ‘New Life’ crisis – a season of letting go (of my old identity). One that includes a huge awakening and shift in reality, goals, values, you name it! It’s been anything but simple,  or easy- but that’s  because I resisted so hard and avoided the truth. I think for the most part I’ve been living a lie – a mix of twisted perception of Self and allowing a kind of dormancy of Self. Perhaps this is for another blog, article, or short story! I say that because although I’ve been ‘telling’ myself for years that I am calm and green and turquoise colored in nature, recently I found that there is a greater part of me expressing herself in bright red tones, force and nature! Being an outwardly ‘shy’ person since childhood it still shocks me when this ‘giant red energy’ comes from within me! Maybe not shockingly,  but learning to accept this powerful energy within me!  This red energy shows herself in athletics and in academics! (and when I’m fighting for Mother Earth and Her Children!) So naturally when my baby girl says I have a B in Honors Chemistry and I reply encouragingly, “That’s great! Why not an ‘A’?” I only say and do what I myself would do and have done in my own academics! I push her like I push myself when I’m in school. I push her to be better, in life! Congrats Baby Girl!



Yoga Day – Fitness Day 12! – Active Rest Day!