Day 16 ♥ – Sore, sore, sore!! (ready for more)

I had the BEST Goddess Bath! Washed my tiny kinky locs with Giovanni, added tea tree essential oils and castor oil everywhere, sprayed jasmine and ylang in the Air, and smiled. ♥ My body hurts, glutes sore, obliques on fire, biceps flaming, and satisfied! I love the mountains and appreciating this staggering heat! Walking my dogs after the Sun goes down, I’m still dripped in sweat and ready for more!




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Hero’s Journey – Day 16 –  The Sun Goes Down!




gratitude givings ♥ #194

grateful for the heirloom organic tomatoes, beautiful green cilantro,
the darkest green kale, herbs and spices, the fresh almond milk I make.
The sweat at my cleavage
the coils in my tiny locs
and the love I am feeling
right here!
Day 194