Day 21 ♥ Self Control, Self Discipline, Self Love!

Yes, Be Inspiring simply by being who you are! Dig deep enough to go that extra mile, those extra minutes, that extra rep, it may hurt but YOU are worth it! The first 30 may be a bit difficult but the next 30 will make you that much stronger! (wink) It feels like so much is transforming in my life I’ve hardly had time for facebook, instead I’m planning,  learning and educating myself in areas I’ve always been most passionate about – much has changed and being created. Not just a better (stronger) body – but a stronger mind, willpower and action – oriented self! I’m still vegan + vegetarian. I’m on my way to 3 months natural hair. And full of excitement, gratitude and love!






gratitude givings ♥ #199

i am thankful

for the air we breathe, the water we cherish, the land we love, the animals we care for, the ideas we create

to sustain not only ourselves but our children’s children!

We give, You take, We take, You give!

Day 199



Day 20 – 30 Day Fitness Challenge – Perseverance

I had one of the best sleeps I’ve had in months! Unfortunately, I had a truly busy day out and about with my daughter! I had time to only finish my abs routine! Which I will make up for tomorrow (later today!) I’ve also begun new studies in Sustainability. I actually read a whole book in one setting, soaking up information like crazy. It’s both scary and ecstatic! I am so grateful! I wore shorts today and was told that my short hair is inspiring and beautiful! (big smile)



gratitude givings ♥ #198

I am grateful

for new beginnings!

The fear that rushes over me when I’m embarking on something entirely ‘new’

my eagerness to learn, soak up, absorb, remember, and make sense of  this

‘new’ information

i have forgotten in my Soul’s journey and seeking to reconnect to in this life time!

Ase!  let there be hotep! Balance and Peace!

Day 198