Day26 ♥ Arms on Fire! – Friday Fitness Motivation

Feeling Energized and Satisfied!

Aside from my Day 2 of 21 Day Fix Extreme, I’m on Day 26 of this Hero Journey and today is Burpees!!! I had some sets yesterday 30 seconds each set which nearly killed me. I was up at 4:30 am no alarm clock needed (today 4 am)  and ready to get this modified nutrition and fitness routine started. By the second set, I was drenched in sweat but pushing myself to completion.

Doing the 21 Day Fix regular version, I found myself doing 2 and 3 workouts consecutively, but the extreme version is pleasantly more challenging for me pushing me to my edge. Plus I’m doing “heavier weights” well, they’re only 10 lbs each arm. By next week, I plan to up those to increase intensity. I’m loving the nutrition modification because although I eat healthy my normal meal portions are manly-sized for my small frame. I eat like an athlete lol and this container modification pushes me to cut back considerably. Yeah!

Initially, I considered not overlapping these program, but when I tried my mom’s 21 Day Fix I was hooked! And loved how I felt after 2 – 30 minute routines. I feel obligated to complete the Hero’s Journey soooo let the soreness fall where it comes! lol Another 20-30 minutes wont hurt! 🙂


Feeling Energized and Satisfied! Yeah… 

Friday Fitness mMm-motivation

My arms(calves, biceps) are on fire, but I can not complain! I’m motivated  by the spirit of Khepra to transform this body of mine and inspired by so many who have done it already! It’s really just a metaphor for transforming, and being sovereign in one’s life. I think all the while I was seeking the lesson of “Self Motivation,” of “Self Perseverance!”  I even visualize my dreams while dreaming them lol a little lucid dreaming push to fulfill my waking goals. As I told my Workout Buddy this morning,

Carpe Diem! xo







Friday Fitness Inspiration  Looking Flawless at ANY Age!
Friday Fitness Inspiration
Looking Flawless at ANY Age!









Hero’s Journey Burpees!!! – Warrior Spirit 

3 Sets/3o – Done! 5:30 am [ Ria 🙂 ] 


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gratitude givings ♥ #204

i am  grateful for the love i tap into each day
for this cosmic journey

for this psychical body
for being infinitely free

for patience, the process,
for knowing khepra

and these journeys of evolution ♥

i am thankful!

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