Rest Day!? ACTIVE Rest Day

Rest Days  – Active Rest Days

Daily Stats:
Workout: Yoga Extreme – Duration: 30 minutes
Ab Core – 10 minutes
Total Calories Burned = 149 (Total Daily Calories : 1108) 


Exhaling! This morning’s Yoga Class was absolutely needed the Upward Dog never felt so good! My back had kinks I didn’t know it could hold. I know, I know, I’ve been focusing so much on getting my multiple workouts completed I realized both physically and intellectually that I HAVE to balance my Yin AND Yang energies simultaneously! I read somewhere while discovering Muur world history that the Shaolin believe in the Balance of Energies in Physical movement as  in all areas of life! To focus too much on the Yang brings imbalance of the Yin, to focus too heavily in the Yin brings imbalance to the Yang and thus imbalance in the Chi (life force) of one’s inner and outer life! That one should study Qigong throughout one’s life for optimal health and well being. I am looking at what programs I want to study and stick with for the next year – 5 years! Allowing myself the inner contemplation to plan and inquire from deep within. What are of focus should I pick back up and complete? What discipline helps to balance my natural energy? How should I ‘honor’ this energy that I was re-incarnated with? Which discipline will truly help me grow – spiritually, physically, intellectually and mentally?


Sometimes in this society where things are so out of balance and seen as fragments, we forget to look from a wholistic-centered way of living. I became so obsessed with my workout routines I neglected my Yoga practice completely. Little by little, I ignored the fundamental and power this duality in fitness can be used to compliment the other  and thus heal the body, mind and spirit. (lesson learned!)

While in the Upward Dog this morning my back remembered to align itself with greater ease and comfort! I was actually sweating in that little 30 minute yoga session!!!! And feeling rather amazing – peaceful, ‘light’ and calm!

I’ve been taking these past 2 days “easy.” Keeping an assertive  journal of my Nutrition and Exercise,  adding ANY notes to include, emotional, physical pathologies, ideas, decrease in performance or improvements. I’ve leaned just how powerful a journal can be when measuring success and failures of a program! If I have a bad day, I admit it, note it and prepare for the next day of victory. I take note of what works and what does not and possible variables as to why!!!

Taking a few days ‘break’ is pretty hard for me! These Sustainability courses are rough and coming from a place of despair and crisis with little optimism of real solution and shift in consciousness. I don’t think this way and so it’s been taxing for me to observe and listen to these scholars lecture from a place of pessimism harboring an outcome of perceived total destruction. I always look to my Ancestors and those before me centuries ago, who knew the secrets of living hand in hand with Nature and using technology appropriately. I always see that there is “A Way” to live and thrive on this planet than take a place of fear of destruction and annihilation.Nevertheless, I am spending this time catching up on these Sustainability classes, cleaning, and visualizing. I’m right on track with my nutrition and considering adding a 1 small Ab workout!;-) (i cant help myself!!)

I am looking forward to the next 30 Days of Greatness!






gratitude givings ♥ #209

I am grateful for

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Day 209



Letters spelling thankful
Letters spelling thankful