gratitude givings ♥ #239

i am grateful for

salt water baths
white candles
setting peace-filled intentions
and sacred love
i am thankful for rejuvenation

Day 239


gratitude givings ♥ #236

I AM soo soo sooooo GRATEFUL
for those Souls who Know AND
Teach AND
Share AND

I am so thankful to YOU, Your Struggle and Your Triumph! 
Thank YoU for Teaching Me,
(for Me to Teach the Next..)
May We All Be Free!

Day 236


Jump Rope Routines for BEST Calorie Burn

Want to burn calories fast? Have 10 minutes out of your busy schedule and want maximum results?
Jumping rope is  one of the best exercise routines to burn calories fast.
In 10 minutes you can burn 100 calories, that’s right!


You can get a Gold’s Gym brand jump rope from Walmart for under $3.00!
Or purchase  state of the art designer jump ropes like the ones created by Dr. Sara Solomon.

$27.95Dr. Sara Solomon Cross Speed
$27.95 Dr. Sara Solomon Cross Speed

And start a beginner to advanced routine in minutes and loose weight fast.


  • Agility
  • Speed
  • Stamina
  • Endurance
  • Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Lymphatic system
  • Raise Metabolic rate
  • Burn fat for hours

I started my Jump Rope routines and find them most effective! I woke up this morning barely able to walk! I love it!!!! Give it a try and get the results you’re looking for!
Burn calories, tone,  and increase your athleticism.

Jump Rope Calorie Calculator 

Here are a few routines I’ve tried:

Beginner 10 Minute Workout 

BodyBuilder Fit Expert – Sara Solomon – Jump Rope and HIIT Routine 

Advanced Jump Rope and HIIT Training Routines 

Have a favorite tried and true Jump Rope Routine?
Share your Jump Rope Routine and Gains with us!
Until Then Keep Burning, Shredding and Gaining! xo

gratitude givings ♥ #235

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — youre right.’
— Henry Ford

I am grateful for this abundance

This wisdom

This courage

This Love!

Day 235



gratitude givings ♥ #234

i am grateful for this beautiful music
the magic it brings
resonance and harmony
of the Heart

Day 234



gratitude givings ♥ #233

i am grateful for honesty
for Truth
for clarity
for Strength
for endurance

Day 233


Fitness Milestones | Celebrating 30 Days of MyFitnessPal!


Sometimes it’s important to toot your own horn! Stay humble but acknowledge the changes, transformations and shifts in consciousness and habits. There are times when I get discouraged, I want instant results and I have to remember this is a process that requires patience, commitment, perseverance, and a kind of ‘obsession’. I am cultivating a focused mind. It transcends into all areas of my life. This is good!  I am thankful for every sweat,  sore muscle,  and session I take on.


Okay so this is my 30 Days of Continuous Journal entries of my Nutrition and Fitness Plan! Yeah… It’s more than Okay to Celebrate the small steps and big leaps! They mean you are moving, creating, and following your plan and empowering your wellness lifestyle.


Celebrate, recognize and mark your Goal Milestones!
Celebrate, recognize and mark your Goal Milestones!

Fit Fridays – You Can Do It If You Believe You Can!

You can succeed if you believe you can! So visualize, meditate, see what it is you want to manifest and focus!!!


Eat Clean! Train Mean!


InJoy and Celebrate Your Life!


Your Goals  Will Be Achieved!


Keep Going, Said the Universal Mind!


You are a Magnet! Raise Your Vibration and Attract!


Appreciation – Always!




You are Closer than You Think, Focus, and Create!



And there it is….

11426167_1664417373774720_1654943697_nHappy Fit Friday!


gratitude givings ♥ #232

i am grateful for divine guidance
my inner guidance system
this crystal clarity
these crystals
and sacred guardians
Day 232



gratitude givings ♥ #231

I am thankful for this Brother
Sharing his wisdom and time
for his perseverance of love of Art and Her

I give because you give
recycling this abundance
walking in the path of transformation and crystallization
expanding these butterfly wings

and I am grateful !

Day 231