Seeking Fitness in Nature – Fitness Vlog June 2018

How about Fitness in Nature? Going for a lake swim preceded by yoga in the park? Sounds amazing right, that’s what I thought. I got dressed headed to Fredericksburg VA to a park I had visited last Indian Summer where everyone was either tubing, swimming or fishing in the Rappahannock River. I was excited withContinue reading “Seeking Fitness in Nature – Fitness Vlog June 2018”

To Snap or Simply Do, Social Media Blues

It’s sometimes difficult to stop and journal your life in social media. I’ve been looking through my photos and cataloging them from my phone. There’s quite a “few” food images (over a hundred), gemstone pics (over a hundred) of new jewelry, nature pics I captured and yet haven’t posted. I’ve been wrapped up in doingContinue reading “To Snap or Simply Do, Social Media Blues”