Dr. Sebi Interview – Biochemistry of the human body and the healing journey

This is an amazing interview with Dr. Sebi about the biochemistry of the body, his healing journey, and the ways to heal the body from any dis-ease! It’s very insightful as Dr. Sebi breaks down the healing of disease using chemistry,  electric herbs and abstinence from starch, milk and meat…  🙂 InJoy! ~ Ria (Daria)Continue reading “Dr. Sebi Interview – Biochemistry of the human body and the healing journey”

The Journey Begins (out of Africa)

Note: This is a repost from a blog called My Face in History Project since there was no “sharing” features on this blog I reposted by copying and pasting! Injoy! 😉 ~ Ria (Daria)     The Journey Begins (out of Africa) October 27, 2018Ria SweetRawEdit“The Journey Begins (out of Africa)” Africa is our root:  The rootContinue reading “The Journey Begins (out of Africa)”

Travel – Mini Vaca in Mayan Mexico

Cancun, Mexico
Ancient Mesoamerican Culture & Dreams,  My travel to Mexico was a long awaited pilgrimage where I have had so many dreams and visions for many years. I really did not know back then that it was Mexico that I should visit or why, but it was a truly healing and magical experience.