bees – lore, healing + sacred abundance

personal meaning + inner wisdom Bees are master pollinators! During my week I walked into my room to find a loudly buzzing bumblebee come from under my bed to hide on my window sill. She was gripping in stillness for dear life and my heart simply melted at its very presence. I remembered my instructorContinue reading “bees – lore, healing + sacred abundance”

Intro to Permaculture – Solutionary Musings

Peace and Blessings Global Family, I’m exhausted but caught up on a 4 week course with OSU (Oregon State University); Intro to Permaculture was an amazingly, rich content course. I was able to complete this afternoon and present my final Permaculture design project. It’s a discipline that incorporates organic gardening,  botany, horticulture, innovative technologies, ecology,Continue reading “Intro to Permaculture – Solutionary Musings”


I was asked yesterday by a really cute guy with the dreads what I like about Portland. His brown face was in disbelief knowing I come from the East Coast.  Originally I replied,  “the food trucks,” when he asked which food trucks and I said “I mean juice trucks!” I had the feeling he didn’tContinue reading “eScooters”