Working through Chakras through Indian Winter

Indian winter 

Indian winter is a play on the term Indian summer. It’s been anything but winter here. Rainy, gloomy, and cold, but hardly a freezing, snowing winter. And the pre-spring weather has been delightful. Not Miami or Texas pre-spring but neither freezing cold nor scalding hot. Although, I must share openly, I love the heat– the extreme steam of coastal Savannah, the dry arid Arizona and Texas intense sun and east coast changes in seasons. Portland has been a bit of a shock to my system! I couldn’t have imagined the immense rainy months could have such an effect on my wellbeing. I had not taken into account my dependency and true love of the sun. Call me a Sun child– daughter of the sun, goddess of the sun. For anyone who feels as intense about the elements as I do location matters.  For travel and relocation of any state or continent first do your research and remember that genetics (DNA) does matter and predispose to specific necessities to maintain balance and wellness. If for instance, you reside in a rainy location and you are heavily menlinated than you must intentionally pick up exercise, even simple daily walks in nature, active and intentional sun exposure to interface with your melanin immunity and vitamin D – mineral – molecule cellular activation is vital. Herbs, supplements, minerals, raw vegan and vegetarian diet is also primary including high amounts of sea moss. They are tools to maintaining healthy, body, mind and spirit. (for starters)


It’s been sometime since I posted. Instead of writing what I’ve been in to, I created a short movie to one of my favorite songs. It was inspired by a walk in the park. While I was “breathing” in all the colors, sounds, and elements I had Autumn Leaves (Miles Davis) streaming to the back drop. It was the perfect movie and I decided to capture tiny frames and add my fall, winter and pre-spring moments. 🙂 Hope you enjoy the music. I for one L – O- V – E  jazz and must not have been a jazz musician in a past life (lol). I can see the God in so many of our genres of artistry. I am always amazed by the beauty and genius.


Working through chakras 

Was walking through the park this afternoon after an awful headache I couldn’t seem to shake. I woke up like this, in this kind of groggy fleeting pain. Up until last month, I didn’t believe in pain. And because I didn’t believe in pain, I rarely, if ever experienced it. It may seem like what I’m sharing is a paradox and it just might be but again this is earth. I conditioned my body to be flexible enough to have no back aches. If a lower back ache occurred near my kidneys I’d acknowledge my adrenals or kidneys and act accordingly. Prepare herbs to nourish the inner body and cell and and drink lots of fresh water. And thus any pain would quickly disappear. Because of my belief, I rarely (if ever) had menstrual cramps. I didn’t believe in them so they didn’t exist. Ironically, the women in my family suffered greatly from dis-eases like endometriosis, fibroids, painful periods, and other reproductive chakra-energy problems. My own realization is however that mind was over matter. I conditioned my mind and body to align so my reality fell in line to reflect my thoughts and beliefs. Of course, I also followed dietary investments to ensure the outcome I created. Truth be told I started vegetarian eating in high school.  It is amazing how powerful our mind is to our environment, body and spirit. We are much stronger than we care to know. But let me share with you the paradox.

Lately my body has been releasing pain and kinks. I started working on chakras and trauma. I started a yoga challenge. Through my yoga practice, in my chakra meditations, in my writing and journaling. Through the words I think and speak.  I’ve been purging sorta speak. The release of old memories most likely trapped in my body. Chakra work, like all other work, is full of extreme effort. It’s working with the energy in your body. Yoga helps to release stagnant, blocked, trapped energy. Yoga assists in bringing flow, Prana, life force, breath and balance back into energy centers or meridians. The effort is daily full of intention. Some not so easy. Some surprisingly simple. Sometimes the effort is as simple as sitting on the mat in child’s pose and breathing deeply. I been doing a lot of chakra work. Working on trauma. And because I am intuitively “sensitive” I even feel tapped into the channeling of trauma from generations, ie people in my family.  (powerful stuff, exhale)

And so by the time I got to the park the sun facing west, my headache had subsided and dissipated into the ethers. I was light as the wind.

Sun gazing and giving thanks. Breathing in the beauty of nature. It is a meditation in seeing, as well as, breathing.  The next day, I returned to the park sneakers on my feet playlist in my ears running. I ended my yoga challenge day contemplating the philosophy du jour— happiness. 

Happiness is _______________.  

Happiness is the feeling I get when I push through stick with and fucking FINISH ___________. 

Happiness is sitting on a big ass moss tree log and listening to old school rap. 

Happiness is the struggle of my stomach muscles pulling themselves back together after months of ignorance (ignoring) lol. 

Happiness is finishing my yoga journal. 

Happiness is completing a yoga session and/or running. 

Happiness is being who I am. Authentically. Unapologetically.

Sea Moss (chondrus crispus), Vegan Mediterranean Oatmeal, and DIY Sage+Feathered bundle (pictured above)

Then from my journal I “unplugged” and I began the physical aspect of this ancient science practicing core strength yoga. 

I failed and failed and failed over again quite beautifully building my abs. Flexing and smoothing out the kinks. Releasing parts of my back into (royal) cobra. Hugging myself and melting into savasana (receiving all there is). 

Truth be told, I’d rather be studying the Kama Sutra. But for now I am exactly where I need to be. Conditioning the Mind and Body back to wellness.

In Healing, Wellness, and Empowerment, 


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