Rest In Power Dr. Llaila Afrika

Dr. Llaila Afrika’s book Afrikan Holistic Health was one of the first books I purchased on my Self+Healing journey back in the early 90s. I was saddened and yet slowed to happiness to hear of this great healer passing today. It was during the hours I was told to study that I received the Blackmagic YouTube notification and followed up with a Google search to find that indeed Dr. Afrika had passed today, Sunday, March 22, 2020 having lived 74 years on Earth.


During this Coronavirus “Global shut-in” and the TV propaganda explaining not only what it is but how its devastating selected cities around our globe I’ve been observing and studying.  I’ve been researching not only what the coronavirus is but how our bodies and the elements that activate this virus.

Dr. Llaila Afrika, wife Dr. Stevenson, and health advocate, rapper and vegan athlete educator Dead Prez

Healers and plant-lovers like KT the Arch Degree have done phenomenal work (study) and research on the relationship with 5G and how it activates the coronavirus internally on a cellular level with the destruction of cells causing  mycoplasma contamination and mycoplasma lung disease such as pneumonia (mycoplasma pneumoniae).  I had heard and researched many studies on 5G and its detriment to our health on a global level. In my own research it was quite simple to see the correlations between towns or cities with the rollout of 5G and the severe death tolls and cases of the Coronavirus.  

For instance, although Washington State is only separated by the Columbia River its death tolls and cases were grossly alarming compared to its neighbor Oregon! Yet earlier this month, I remembered reading that some IT activists were meeting up to prevent Oregon (Portland) from following in Seattles and Washington’s footsteps in being a Smart City which used facial recognition. At the time I thought it was odd but also mentioned to my son how significant this seemed. It wasn’t until more research showed that like China fully operating in 5G technology while variables of small amounts of sunlight (daytime sun exposure), and/or pollution smog blocking the sun and leaving little to no oxygen, Washington State may have seen more coronavirus cases and deaths due to these variables. Surprisingly many of the countries hit the hardest followed these same variables. (Great job KT!)


According to the late Dr. Afrika in his lecture “Melanin (We Are Different)” (watch on YouTube) he states we should be outside for at least 2 hours each day to soak in the sun and activate ‘melanin’ and our immunity (Vitamin D) and the pineal gland and other endocrine glandular functions.

In Portland people are responding to the Coronavirus by taking fresh air walks, exercising in parks (basketball, tennis, walking dogs, baseball, skateboarding, sitting alone and in groups on the spring grass) others are walking, running and jogging,  and getting sun anyway they can!

Portland Park March 2020 Covid-19 Lockdown

Yesterday on our way to the park for a lil sun gazing, “we” received disdain from a Caucasian neighborhood resident walking in the opposite direction. Minutes passed before I addressed her obvious look of disgust which caught my son off guard. The day before I had also received similar looks from much older baby boomers walking passed me. It wasn’t really him she revealed her disdain for but me and it triggered energy and emotions I had been wrestling with for sometime residing here in Portland.  It was part of a culmination of events which strongly supported the overt racism so prevalent in this part of the United States.  

It prompted a poetic response which my son said he felt throughout his bones. I refuse to be anything other than who I am authentically. If I wear my hair natural and it looks like tiny snakes of some foreign- Etruscan Medusa so be it. If my hair stands straight up into the ethers like I was struck by the hole of the galactic center; so be it. If my body is naturally shaped where my ass stands against gravity like a track runner; so be it (I am blessed). If I decide to wear Egyptian leggings that’s my business! If I want to wear Cleopatra and Auset (Goddess Isis) or Athena turquoise as adornment on my eyes- and my wrists like the Goddesses before me; so be it.

I carry some of the oldest DNA on this planet, women like me have been here for millions of years. Our prototype can not be erased not through gentrification or with the pen. We aren’t going anywhere! The whole experience had been exhausting yet activated a plethora of questions, frustrations, and ideas in my own psyche. That night I opened up another first books which I revisited to help identity some of core psychological diseases which plagued not only some of the Portland residents but many in our country, the psychology of racism.

Sadly, these are the consistent subtle and overt psychological maladies people of color endure in this country. It’s also ironic since many of the African Americans have lineage on this side of the continent as Indigenous Americans. The idea of living without color is but a dream we have yet to attain. It’s constant reminder permeates in all facets of our society and doctrine. This post was written originally March 22, 2020 and look at the world today protesting for justice and equality for the George Floyd Police Brutality Murder and so many others.

May we heal our Minds, Bodies and Spirits!

In Love and Empowerment!

Daria Danielle

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