Awakening through Mayhem + The Art of Mental Transmutation

We are witnessing an awakening in this world! Awakening of the mind, body and spirit amidst chaos and mayhem in American streets! But I watch and filter the news and propaganda with discernment — my fluorite gemstones close to my heart weeding through the storylines and flaming emotions burning through the American streets across this country. Even Europe has chimed in on the frequency of this Aquarian new age.  

This Golden Age, some say, the stars say, is returning and we are all born for these days ahead no matter how tough, frightening, or confusing—we were born for this! We are all witnessing a great shift and change in this world we coined the matrix. We are awakening to not only question as we see these events occur and play out on the world stage but reclaim ourselves at our most fundamental level. It is a time the ancient Mayans and First Indigenous Americans have coined the end of the world, the fifth world, and the apocalypse ( which translated in Old English and Greek mean “to uncover” “reveal” (Wikipedia) “destroys the ruling powers of evil and raises the righteous to life” (Merriam-Webster).

Marshall Law Curfew text to residents in Portland, Oregon. May 31, 2020.

Phase 2—from Covid-19 Lockdown to War against Americans?

The celestial alignments, conjunctions, retrogrades and harmonics have all opened to this new frequency. EVERYBODY not just the black populous is fighting this war on injustice. The latest George Floyd-Police Brutality drama caught on video is, yet another viral high-strung emotional reminder of the generational traumatic psychological-physical brutality program America has waged on its so-called black citizens.  The George Floyd Police Brutality program once again shed light on one of America’s schisms, its dehumanizing social problem; the deep-rooted systematic injustice black and copper-colored Americans have endured since 1492. But this is not a history lesson, I won’t speak of the Papal Bull of Pope Alexander VI in 1493 that has been written into Americas legal framework.

I am speaking on the reaction and energy our young children, the Millennials and GenZs, are demonstrating across this globe. There is an energy that is indeed rising from underground (or cosmically) permeating throughout this planet that we are all witnessing taking many forms. As fires, revolts, peaceful protests, antagonizing riots, and “Black Lives Matter” campaigns heralded on gentrified lawns and picket protest signs. Even businesses like Amazon, Chipotle, Netflix, PS4’s Call of Duty, countries like Paris, Italy, Berlin, London, Australia, and more this catalyst has become a worldwide phenomenon for change.

Black Lives Matter ads popping up all over parks, home lawns, company ads like Amazon, PS4 Call of Duty, Washington, DC street signs, and streets in America. (Photos: Subject to Copyright — for Educational purposes only).

The Covid Wars — The Norm of Lockdown + Social Distancing

During this time, we call the mass 2020 awakening, Covid-19 ushered in fears throughout the planet. The propagation of fear; fear of death, fear of standing in proximity, fear of our fellow neighbors, fear of social distancing. That alone was traumatic! Watching the news and seeing countries decimated by their populous plagued by this “Corona” virus. Even the name Corona seemed to originate with an eerie secret mysticism as it was discovered during the early months of this pandemic by the media to be the name derived from the Italian patron saint of pandemic, St. Corona named by the Roman Catholic Church. 

FaceBook Black Lives Matter and George Floyd Police Murder Protests.
(Photo: Subject to Copyright — for Educational purposes only).

Fear of lockdown, fear of government? The layers peel back from the stories unfolding in the news media. We were bombarded with New York Governor Cuomo, Fauci, and Gates. Their obsessive move to vaccinate all Americans as the saving grace to this uncommon mysterious 2020 plague. The Spanish plague, the 1918 H1N1 flu virus pandemic which seemed to mimic and mirror Covid-19 historically was revisited as a teaching medical phenomenon. We were witnessing a myriad of cycles and events that were coming back around to the planet.  Witnessing holes in the news, holes in medical facts and stories and questioning their validity and agendas. 

April 2020 Anti-Covid 19 Lockdown Protests in America.
(Photos: Subject to Copyright — for Educational purposes only).

Ironically, YouTube helped expose an eclectic mix of hidden agendas, allowing its American consumers privy to world governments, political leaders and conglomerate corporations during their censorship efforts. Questioning these “agendas,” we researched Bill Gates Eugenics lineage, ID 2020, The Fall of Cabal YouTube video, the Clintons, Yellow Journalism, Operation Paperclip, Epstein, Weinstein, George Soros, Pizzagate, Operation Mockingbird, and more:

  • We learned that Soros owned and funded the Antifa organization linked with the Black Lives Matter organization through infiltration. 
  • We witnessed local and national peaceful rallies turn into violent revolts of looting and fires set to streets and police cars in dozens of towns. 
  • Police officers were outed as instigators of some initial violations! We witnessed disenfranchised black, Latino and white Americans looting in the name of George Floyd and BLM. 
  • We discovered through camera confessions that Antifa secretly provoked protestors and police! And that undercover police threw bricks into downtown businesses! 

All the while, President Trump declaring Antifa (radical left-wing extremist group) an American terrorist organization. There were rumors from Twitter that we had witnessed a “secret internet blackout.” These events and allegations happening in real time on timelines so rapidly they seem to jerk and tear at the heartstring and emotions of the whole world. Everyone is watching! Everyone is acting!

Local and International Protest Demonstrations during the Covid-19 Lockdown, Stay-at-Home Executive Orders, Social Distancing Rules, George Floyd Police Murder.
(Photos: Subject to Copyright — for Educational purposes only).

Today, more Americans are weary of the validity and truth from news outlets, mainstream media, politicians, and government. When anti 5G researchers flooded YouTube, Google censored, demonized and demonetized YouTube channels. David Icke and others were not only demonetized, flagged and removed altogether! As an American writer, these events are cringeworthy and alarming. No matter if I agree with David Icke, Alex Jones, and others, being banned on America’s number one search engine is censorship and banning of First Amendment Rights. Many channels on YouTube had been flagged for using words like “Corona Virus, 5G, Vaccines,” etc., as 5G conspiracy theorists who quickly became the brunt of jokes even Charlamagne tha God on The Breakfast Club clowned. 

Amanda Janus, Olympia, Washington Anti-Covid-19 Lockdown Protest, April 2020. Youtube Video.

However, my own research showed there was indeed a connection! Botany scientists like KT the Arch Degree,researcher and metaphysician Dr. Alim Bey,  and others including the late great Dr. Llaila Afrika were not the crazy conspiracy theorists. These are just a few of the modern-day healers, shamans, scientists, and researchers dedicating their lives to heal and educate humanity even at the price of community ridicule. What was happening here? There seemed to be this dark insidious energy to silence free speech, free thought, and anti-government thought! America was slipping into a surreal Orwellian dystopian future and we were all actors of this great myopic stranger-than-fiction epic. 

Fires across the country, George Floyd’s Brother, GenZ Protests, Donald Trump Tweets for Military Intervention, Atlanta CNN Black Lives Matter Protests.
(Photos: Subject to Copyright — for Educational purposes only).

Why hadn’t I seen all these early April Covid-19 Anti 5G Pro Constitutional Rights protests on mainstream news outlets? Who were these “Anti Vaxxers” rallying around the country? Where was the news on the Anti Covid-19 Lockdown Movement in America that prompted gun toting Americans to storm state capitols across the country? Who was coining the “Boogaloo” related armed groups to protests against government and agents? What the fuck is going on in America? According to Idaho State Journal, “the largest standing army in the world are American Firearm Owners.” Sit with that for a moment, let is sink in — Really sink in!

2020 Boogaloo Movement in America Anti-Lockdown Protests (center), George Floyd Protests, (left), Boogaloo member with /k/ insignia on vest. (Photos for educational use only. May be subject to Copyright).

Who was coining the “Boogaloo” related armed groups to protest the American government and their agents? What the fuck is going on in America? Where these the same groups or divisions within white America? Interestingly to note, many black YouTubers were concerned with the “Boogaloo” movement stating they were part of the anti-black, nazi extremists’ groups we witnessed in Virginia—perhaps some are! Other sites in my research investigated this group and found a Facebook group called the Big Igloo Bois, of 30,637 followers, stating the following: 

“If there was ever a time for bois to stand in solidarity with ALL free men and women in this country, it is now.” They further stated, “This is not a race issue. For far too long we have allowed them to murder us in our homes, and in the streets. We need to stand with the people of Minneapolis. We need to support them in this protest against a system that allows police brutality to go unchecked.” 

There are so many layers and dimensions to the various groups, movements, and distrust of the American Government we must consider that every ideology and polarity exists in this country. According to Idaho State Journal“the largest standing army in the world are American Firearm Owners.” Sit with that for a moment, let this really sink in! 

Double Consciousness + The Art of Mental Transmutation

Emotions are running high in America! I have a soldier friend suffering from PTSD and triggered by the riots in American streets. This brother is torn between a psychosis of military allegiance and the right to fight for his beautiful brown children. No one should have to be put through this kind of schizophrenic dogma. In the late 90s at Bronx Community College, I wrote about DuBois’s “Double Consciousness” plaguing the mind of Negros in America.  Are we “Americans”? Are we “free citizens” Are we “slaves?”  Why were so called white American citizens able to walk into our states capitols fully armed with rifles, machine guns, and military gear while unarmed black youth, men, and women are shot and murdered with no penalty? 

George Floyd may have been the catalyst echoing out into the world for social change but not the only issue Americans have in America. George Floyd as a metaphor seen through the lens of the oppressed in America represents everything wrong in America.  At its very core there is slavery – and the capitalism, wealth by the means and tools of racism this unjust system has built its globalized empire.  Human trafficking is a worldwide problem most governments ignore—Why is that? What about organ harvesting, and children pedophilia rings?

On the other hand, and through another lens, if George Floyd is fake news mastered through puppeteers and elite agenda makers then we will most likely be heading to war on American soil fighting for freedom either way. Because Trump would continue to dismantle American government agencies and American freedoms we would be forced to fight for! When I started out to write this short article of commentary, I had not intended to illustrate long-winded prose, but there seems to be far too many questions in the form of leads, agendas, false flags, censorship, tyranny, fascism and their polarities far too important to ignore. Silence is acceptance.

The truth is we are forced to confront and reconcile with Americas polarized mental illness, its atrocities against humanity and the planet, and our willing participation through acceptance as the ‘norm,’ business as usual, and covert and in your face racist behaviors, ideologies, and institutions.  How can you restore your own sense of sovereignty amidst this mayhem playing out on the world stage? Reclaim yourself! For even a moment, sit back and reclaim your Mind! For at some point in this we are going to be forced to make life changing decisions about family, lineage, identity, rights, sovereignty and more.

  “Mind (as well as metals and elements) may be transmuted,
    from state to state; degree to degree; condition to condition;
    pole to pole; vibration to vibration. True Hermetic Transmutation
    is a Mental Art.”

—The Kybalion.

Transmutation is a form of alchemy. The word “Transmute” means “to change from one nature, form, or substance, into another; to transform” (Webster). The Kyballion states:

And accordingly, “Mental Transmutation” means the art of changing and transforming mental states, forms, and conditions, into others. So you may see that Mental Transmutation is the “Art of Mental Chemistry,” if you like the term–a form of practical Mystic Psychology. 

Created for Educational Purposes Only!

At its core we understand that all things are mental projects and thought forms. From this square or groundedness, we can better see, think, feel, operate and navigate in this world full of distractions, illusions, and dimensions. We only control our selves. It is the self (Self with a big letter) that makes all things real. The Self is the observer. In quantum theory, the Self as the observer “force electrons to behave like particles”, i.e., taking form from waves into things! I would add even ‘events’ need attention from the observer or in this case observers to create form. (The very occurrence happening in the media, on our phones, in the streets causing and affecting American and later global policy). 

How can we change our over reaching, over taxed, traumatized emotions and emotional bodies?

How to Transmute (Negative) Mental Energy

  1. Get Outside and Get Sun! Vitamin D3 is activated by the Sun which triggers other vitamins and minerals to come online and assist in immunity and body function. The sun is our ancient friend ready to heal, photosynthesize, and help maintain wellness of body, minds and spirit. 
  2. Drink lots of fresh high alkaline water! Add Lemons or Limes to your water! Drink water to flush out toxins and keep organs and skin clear. 
  3. Meditate! Keep your spiritual body in high vibration by meditating and breathing regularly. 
  4. Create and Speak Affirmations! Your body is 70-80% water. Water vibrates! 
  5. Get shots of Chlorophyl! Green drinks, green smoothies, alkalize that blood.
  6. Drink Sea moss! Get some Irish Sea moss, Bladderwrack, and eat other sea veggies to bring up iodine and immunity levels. 
  7. Practice Yoga, Qigong, Tai chi! These spiritual physical disciplines produce amazing results effecting not only physical health but emotional and mental health. They fortify and strengthen the auric field and one’s vitality. 
  8. Dance, Sing, and Laugh! Raises the vibration from lower levels to higher levels. A classic song with a good beat emanating positive energy is contagious just as smiles and laughter is healing to the spirit. 
  9. Bike, Jog, Play, Hike, Walk and walk some more! Movement is key and prevents the body (mind/spirit) from stagnation. 
  10. Mantras and Meditate some more! Mantras are words of power you can use as tools to strengthen your mind, body and spirit. Try them with meditation with sound healing, ancient Sanskrit or Kemetic chants, or words you create to deepen concentration and focus on your objective. The use of a mantra like Ram connects you to Mars (Sun and Ketu) energy which also aids the solar plexus chakra assisting making quick decisions, memory, gut feelings, and personal power. Gods of Mars are invoked for protection and to ward off enemies, evil influences and vanquish fear, financial debts and disease. Deep breathing techniques are key to controlling mental exhaustion, the nervous system optimal health, body functions and even depression. 
  11. Talk to People and Be Kind! Take your energy seriously and with responsibility. Talk to people even if they don’t respond the way you expected. Your efforts and kindness work in your favor. These acts further bring your grace and favor. Your heart center permeates your auric field and can produce amazing results not only for you but for others around you. Acts of random kindness with nothing to expect in return contain magical twofold healing and ripple effect into the universe. 
  12. Be and Feel Prepared! Don’t sit around and wait for the worst. Prepare yourself and family by creating a plan, store food, grow food, get legal fire arms, create networks and contingency plans in case of emergencies. 
  13. Create an Ancestor Altar! Do not fear death. Death is not the end only a cycle to be embraced, honored, respected, and more. Modern Americans lost this connection through forced religious practices and doctrines. Ancient Americans, and autochthonic and indigenous clans, however, hold their dead ancestors in highest esteem. We know we can use our family lineage to seek guidance, teachings, and greater understanding. Ancestor altars create a gateway of ethereal communication through dreams. We can feel more connected and grounded in our reality with this form of sacred communication. 
  14. Practice Rituals that Elevate Consciousness, Protection, and Peace of Mind! There are many rituals once can create and practice. Using the imagination is the source of conjuring images and symbols of protection, wellbeing and prosperity. The eye of Fatima is an ancient symbol used by women to invoke protection for self and family. Envision this symbol on your person, on windows, in or around your home. Call on Ancestors and guardians to protect yourself and family. You can use any image, deity, or symbol. For some this may be Jesus, protection pentagrams, sacred geometric shapes, deities (gods or goddesses), Archangels like Michael or St. Germain, elemental beings, or other thought-forms that help elevate and provide calm and resolution. 
  15. Pay Attention to Celestial and Cosmological events! Our ancient ancestors knew there is a direct connection between what happens on the planet Earth and astrological events. They recorded and kept years of predictions and astrological events. Pay attention and align your energy and intentions with these ancient celestial and terrestrial events. Use the power of words to create thoughtforms, healing vibrations, and divine guidance for your human journey. 

You are more powerful than you think! Don’t have to feel powerless or fearful during this time. 2020 has arrived as a bringer of change and transformation to dismantle a failing system and usher in a new age of awareness and consciousness. I stand with you towards this mental transmutation where there is freedom and justice for all of humanity. 

In Love and Solidarity, 

Daria Danielle 

Resources and Citation** (partial):

Antifa – leftist, anti-fascist political activist group. Individuals involved in the movement tend to hold anti-authoritarian [26] and anti-capitalist views,[27] subscribing to a range of left-wing ideologies such as anarchism, communism, Marxism, social democracy and socialism. (Wikipedia). 

Black Lives Matter movement – Black Lives Matter (BLM) is an international human rights movement, originating from within the African-American community, which campaigns against violence and systemic racism towards black people. BLM regularly holds protests speaking out against police brutality and police killings of black people, and broader issues such as racial profiling, and racial inequality in the United States criminal justice system.

Boogaloo movement – The boogaloo movement, members of which are often referred to as boogaloo boys or boogaloo bois, is a loosely organized American far-right extremist movement.

The groups are generally described as far-right or alt-right, although some groups have also been described as libertarian or anarchist. Members attend protests heavily armed and wearing tactical gear, and sometimes identify themselves by wearing Hawaiian shirts along with military fatigues. Members of the boogaloo movement often wear Hawaiian shirts along with military fatigues to identify themselves at protests, such as this 2020 VCDL Lobby Day gun rights demonstration in Richmond, Virginia.

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