Angels and Ancestors Oracle Deck

So excited, I received these new cards earlier this week and wanted to share a few images. Angles and Ancestor Oracle Deck (which I keep calling the Angels and Guardians deck) is a 55-card deck, with a beautifully written Guide book by Kyle Gray and illustrated by Lily Moses. I am loving and bonding with these cards. The artwork is simply gorgeous with such diversity and inclusion with insightful, meaningful definitions and extended messages for the practitioner. The images include ancient Kemetic (Egyptians), Celtic, Native American, Aboriginal (Australian), Earth-based spirits beings, elemental, and animal spirit guides.

What I love about this deck is that the Guidebook illustrates how to create a bond with your cards with a 5-page Connection Ceremony ritual; opening energy, cleansing energy, providing energy, closing and sealing energy and intention. There is beautiful section also written by Kyle Gray, “Approaching Oracle Cards with Integrity” providing wisdom on what to do and what not to do with your cards and taking full responsibility for your energy and staying mindful prior to each reading. There are various types of spreads and how to read them numerically.

“Guardians of the four corners,
Mother in the Earth, Father in the Sky,
Angels, Ancestors, Sacred Ones,
I call on You and Welcome You here now!”

—Angels and Ancestors Oracle Deck
2020. Portland Heirloom Tree with Faery Realm Guardian Village.
Yes this is the norm in Portland (giggles).

These cards have a very magnetic feel to them. I was drawn to them and bonded with the cards easily and quickly. My readings have been 100% spot on since I opened this communication. I was giddy when I pulled the Shaman card this morning after writing all night and morning about my shamanism experiences and opening myself up to learn more about this path and gifts! “Yeah Baby” in my Ralph Smart Deep Divers voice! ♥

I have purchased a few new decks and will continue to collect decks that resonate with me as I learn more about the tarot and forms of divination. ♥

In Peace and ♥ Love Family,

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