Covid-19 + BLM Lockdown Reading List

Just a quick post on a comment my professor made that stuck with me as he mentioned my reading this past course. It dawned on me that I had taken this “lockdown” time and Intro to Creative Writing course to include literature that started as supplemental reading for my course. As the Covid-19 events transformed into BLM racial triggers my books became a way to begin to truly understand this mental illness called White Supremacy and racism. Not that I was oblivious to any of the psychosis African Americans live with each day. I, after all, had my first copy of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing’s, The Isis Papers, in the early 90s, along with copies of JA Rogers books proving we are truly one race within a spectrum of varying hues and characteristics.

White Fragility, Robin Diangelo. Audiobook and eBook.

Yet this institutionalized system of ‘race’ as a construct to destroy the other was a dehumanizing, unequal, unjust, system of collusion that is upheld in society, politics, and business touching every aspect of academia and psychology to date. This Black Lives Matter movement has been an interesting turn of events where corporations and government are adding Juneteenth as a holiday as a band aid to our never-ending American crisis. The legacy of racism in America must fall but its gonna take more than confederate statues to uproot this 400-year old, terrorizing, mental illness.

The Color of Law, Richard Rothstein. eBook.

First I’d like to thank Ice Cube and Dave Chappelle for having the courage to say the things many of us were too cowardess to honestly say in the face of the many! Bravo to our Alpha Men who dare speak the truth during a climate that cancels, trolls, and seeks to totally destroy the Voice and Soul of anyone who speaks out against a preferred ideology and agenda. Using the media, created as a means of social engineering of behavior, opinion, and predicative programming, as a tool for justice, critical thinking, and education is what the late, great artist-activist James Baldwin would do if he was alive today.

This short article started out as a list of books I’ve read and reading during the throws the Covid-19, and the Black Lives Matter protest to date. I was able to see what I had borrowed from my local library in 2019 which was 2-4 books! During the last 3-4 months I’ve read over 20 books (including audiobooks) trying to better understand the written art form, the minds and ideas of literary giants, artful prose and poetry, artists as activists, and the many interests and passions I have such as healing, occult (the hidden), gardening, and psychology. Here are few of the books I’ve read during the Covid-19 + BLM lockdown:

What started out as something I picked up from an accomplished author, poet “Read EVERYTHING” as a means to becoming a better writer is blossoming as a gateway to better understanding the world as a whole.

The caw at my window is calling me outside under this beautiful sun as reminder that balance is key. Have a beautiful empowering day family!

in Love and Healing,

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