The Harmonic Convergence 2020 Experiment

Meditation is such a gift!

Listening to a podcast with Ras Ben and the Twin Pillars (KnowTheLedge Media) this morning, I was alerted to the planetary alignment meditation occurring right now— The Harmonic Convergence 2020, July 5th-14th, a global meditative experiment using the power of the Mind to imprint and impose a more positive shift in our collective paradigm while connecting to our ancient star ancestors. Starting at the onset of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 4-5 as a catalyst for creating positive change in our world where there is so much upheaval, and an uncovering of chaos, its players, our individual and collective healing and our return to center!


During the “Lucky” Full Moon Lunar Eclipse including these celestial alignments bring about earthly changes that are reflecting and impacting our lives whether we are aware or not. Astronomy and prophecy are sciences that our ancient ancestors used to stay connected to the earth planet with those of the stars. I have often shared “We are from the stars!” And it’s beautiful to witness that many more humans are awakening to this deeper understanding of Self. We are made of Starstuff. As one Native American elder stated, “supernova stars creating iron, we look at the hemoglobin of our blood and its relationship to iron.” In fact, the core of a supernova is iron! Iron is essential for production our red blood cells and hemoglobin and oxygen-lung synergy.

Further researchers and mystics suppose that we come from the stars because our soul travels to and from the sun — the brightest star in our universe. Indigenous and Native American legends and prophecy further support oral histories that we come from stars and planets in our solar system. For those in the know, it is vital for us to show up fully in our communities and the global community with the knowledge of our identity. I am so happy that it is now time for these truths to be revealed and rejoiced.

To help shift this paradigm, show unconditional love, meditate on world + universal peace, considering joining the online The Harmonic Convergence 2020 community!

Rising in Love and Awakening!

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