Instagram CoffeeFeedPDX Feature — Congrats Eric!

I have to admit my coffee days were introduced to me by my French Cousins visiting me from Paris in the early 90s, they pulled out their mini grinder and fresh beans and I absorbed both the aroma and the ritual. Line (pronounced “Len”)  was dripping with Louis Vuitton, gold and diamonds with a crystalline Creole bronzed crop that magnetized everyone. Instantly our rooms were filled with fresh lillies and we’d frequent Georgetown Mall shopping and live Latin Salsa clubs popping bottles of Dom Pérignon and Veuve Clicquot.  We traveled parts of the United States, dined deliciously, and visited family from the coasts of New York to the Alamo of Texas. In my twenties, I delighted on the new, exotic, deeply entrenched French culture and charisma my beautiful Creole cousins schooled me on. Beignets and classic hickory cafe au last at Cafe DuMonde, under the sweltering heat of the sultry French Quarter, I was hooked to coffee henceforth. But still, I wasn’t completely the know! 

It wasn’t until moving to Portland that my education of coffee began. The Portland PDX coffee scene is immense in the art of coffee and its bean! When my son brings a bag of Proud Mary beans its shrouded with education of the bean, its continental growers and their families, the relationship and the development of partnership, its intense tones and notes, awards won and prestigious accolades,  preceded by the art of preparation, followed by a tasting (no sugar or milk of any kind), followed up with customer comments and local – domestic shop talk.  My son L♥️VES coffee and its industry and is continually learning the industry from many aspects of the restaurant coffee business. 

Honestly, I was a bit skeptic believing my venti Starbucks du jour was enough to tout. But I’ve never tasted flavors such as those introduced to me by my son. Even my visit to Paris didn’t prepare me for what the Portland coffee scene has to offer. Coincidently, a few short weeks ago, my creole cousin in Guadeloupe sent family genealogy that further supported that my son’s obsession with coffee may stem from bloodlines from indigenous Carib Amerindian and French Basque European Royal bloodlines who owned coffee and cocoa plantations. I’m even more eager today to learn more about this PDX Black Coffee scene, its players and producers, their passions and their best cup prized coffee!

This Instagram feature promoted by CoffeeFeedPDX a local Portland company publicizes brown and black people of color in the PDX coffee industry due to historical marginalization found in Oregon restaurants and coffee shops. Their website features beautiful photography, and articles on Coffee Festivals, hip local coffee shops, and the recognition of Black Baristas who have expertise and veteran years in the coffee industry. 

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