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I awoke this morning reminded of the commitments I had from a vision back in 2009 about indigenous living and assimilation of technology — living in harmony.

Apocalyptic Dystopian Scenarios
Unfortunately, many TV shows and movies would suggest apocalyptic, “end of times”  dystopian futures where our world is ravished by the environmental symptoms of climate change and nefarious deep state secret laser wars leaving the American people poor, hungry, disease ridden and lost. None of these man-made scenarios have to come into fruition based on the mental aspirations we choose for our children’s children. 

Indigenous Planning for Future Generations
The Indigenous Way of Life always planned their present moment for 7 generations to follow ensuring that decisions were made in the highest regard to the environment, the welfare and progress of the people (community), and generations coming forward. 

Grow Food or Die – Climate Change & Nefarious Policies
In December, I had emails sent to me with the headlines Grow Food or Die! – which brought back up my environmental research from anthropology courses writing about Food Security, Climate Change, Food Desserts and Food Policy.  In my research, I found alternative solutions that have existed for decades that would solve every known crisis we have existing to date; food, water, waste management, fuel, energy, even economic concerns, all of which had been isolated and stunted by governmental policy, bureaucracy, and big business practices throughout the globe. 

Solutions and Empowerment In Your Hands, In Your Garden
Nevertheless, we ask ourselves what we can do on our own land, in our backyards, on our tiny terraces and in our homes. Grow your own food! There’s container garden options, raised beds, or modern permaculture, and ancient indigenous mound and food forest options. Many families in urban Portland cities have transformed their lawns into tiny permaculture food forests and gardens creating natural habitat safe zones for birds and pollinators. 

Grow Your Own Food — Educate, Research and Learn
In our coming months of 2021, I would urge everyone to educate, research, learn, and grow your own food and medicine: 

  • Herbs and Herbal Medicines
  • Microgreens 
  • Winter Veggies 
  • Seasonal Fruits and Veggies 
  • Learn Soil Health and Treatments
  • Urban Agriculture 
  • Anything Gardening! 

I’m sharing my resources with y’all and hope they find you well in 2021. 

Happy New Years (Jan, March, June)  and Stay Safe, Healthy and Empowered! 


2021 Free online Gardening and Agriculture Courses 

Microgreens Grow Along Workshop


Jan 2 – Jan 18, 2021



Heirloom Collard Green Project 

Check out the online project, get your seeds and start planting! 


Monday December 14, 1 PM EST – Michael Twitty presents the History and Significance of Collards in the South

Tuesday December 15, 1 PM EST [Part I] – Ira Wallace & Co. present Results and Updates from the 2020 HEIRLOOM COLLARDS TRIAL

Tuesday December 15, 2 PM EST [Part II] – Jon Jackson leads a Collard Trial Farm Tour of Comfort Farms

Wednesday December 16, 1 PM EST – Amirah Mitchell presents Seedkeeping and Cultural Identity

Thursday December 17, 1 PM EST – Ashleigh Shanti presents a 4-Way Collard Salad Cooking Demo

Thursday December 17, 7PM EST – Join us for a celebration of collards during Collard Happy Hour!


Growing Winter Vegetables — OSU Extension resources

Winter Vegetable Sagra + Variety Showcase



Nov 30, 2020 – Mar 19, 2021

Sessions being at 10:00 am unless otherwise noted

November 30th – 4th: GARLIC

December 7th – 11th: RADICCHIO

December 14th – 18th: COLLARDS

January 11th – 16th: BRASSICAS

January 25th – 29th: WINTER SQUASH

February 1st – 5th: GRAINS

February 8th – 12th: INDIGENOUS WINTER FOODS



March 15th – 20th: CAULIFLOWER + CABBAGE

Registration is free 


Free Online Introduction to Urban Agriculture Course 

Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 3.32.02 PM.png

This free Introduction to Urban Agriculture online course gives you a basic orientation to the larger program and our topic overall.

Getting Started in Urban Agriculture

In this free introduction course, you will learn what exactly is “urban agriculture,” along with essential definitions and concepts to help you get started on this exciting journey!

Complete the Whole Series and Save

This course is part of our Online Urban Agriculture Program. Other courses in the series include:

  1. Free Introduction to Urban Agriculture
  2. Growing in Urban Environments
  3. Urban Agriculture Systems
  4. Urban Agricultural Business


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