After a full day of Sun ☀️ in Portland & Dr. Alim Bey’s Healing Wings Institute classes

It was beautiful yesterday! After weeks of rain and cloudy weather the sun cleared up the flooded locations where excessive rain caused massive flood warnings — landslides and possible road and real estate damage. Probably the only reason the sun fully shown that day apart from its immense beauty and healing powers.

What Nature (God) wants this to be …

Clear skies after a full day of sun ☀️ (west location)

What Mankind wants this reality to be

Sky view massive cloud formations and plane chem trails (East location)

In this image you can see the planes creating the clouds formations.

Weird cloud formations (northeast location)

Cloud formations cover and blanket the sky from full sun exposure by product of manmade devices.

(Northeast location)

Breathing and Consciousness— and Herbal Training with Dr. Alim Bey, Healing Wings Institute

Had the pleasure of being invited by Dr Alim Bey and the Healing Wings Institute to take on impromptu herbal healing class. I was blown away — not that I don’t know about Herbs. 🌿 I’ve been using herbal medicines since I discovered their immense healing properties in high school. Having healed my own list of childhood ailments — eczema, bronchitis, excessive allergies, skin acne! Simply adding fresh green salads and vegetarian alternatives and restricting cows milk and meats, white sugars and white breads, sodas, and artificial ingredients— I healed my eeczema, bronchitis, allergies, and acne!

And yet, Dr. Alim’s Healing Wings invitation to healing came at the right time and was an immense blessing saving me on many levels. Infinite (Th)Ankhs of Gratitude 🙏🏽 and Appreciation! For one, the information hit different— everything from the Cs to diabetes to paralysis to bronchitis was covered with a simple healing remedy. And what was most “bomb worthy” was the Dr’s breakdown on the science of Breathing and Consciousness! Definitely getting some new classes in 2021! 😇🥰👏🏽

Dr. Alim Bey Healing Wings Institute

Sure I’ve read the Autobiography of a Yogi and even studied yoga and pranayama knowing of the science of breathing as true spirit and life force energy within the body and in the planet. Yet Dr. Alim Bey’s class revealed that breathing allows dimensionality to healing not only the physical body of diseases and common ailments but the potentiality of raising consciousness from 3D to 5D!

For one since living in Portland, I have suffered from season affect disorder, vitamin D deficiency, and mineral deficiencies affecting moods, behavior and more. The weather and constant darkness effected me way different— being and adapting to the rich high vibrations of the Suns intensity of the Southeast— being a Daughter of the Sun ☀️ attuned me to much higher frequencies.

Ancient indigenous (Egyptian) Sun Ra High Vibration Healing

Suns Healing benefits activation of VitD3 against Covid-19

Notice the sun or Ra giving Ankhs (life/prana) through its healing rays? That’s a whole other lecture! But we all know by now that the Sun provides activation of Vitamin D3, (along with Vitamin K) immunity and affects both molecular physiology and emotional (auric) healing and wellness. I think Dr Alim Bey has some YouTube videos on this and I’ll post more later!! 😇💜

Furthermore, living on a Pluto meridian merely intensified this healing crisis adding to shockingly revealing emotions and levels of deep inner healing moments of trauma release from generational abuse. It was as if I was purging all the sins of my mothers and fathers all in a single year — 2020 was that year! And using my writing and poetry (artistic energy) further allowed both release and realization— realization and release! The intensity of revisiting “time” through art is profound allowing me to transcend barriers of time space — art is an amazingly underrated, understated and often misunderstood medium of channeling, transmutation, and transformation.

The unexpected— Art as muse and medicine

Mentioning poetry has been completely unexpected and until now I hadn’t realized just how vital poetry has become during this pandemic. Poetry has become my muse and medicine. In my poetry, I take visitors on a journey through a lens of lost ancestral cultures discovering the sounds sights tastes of buried dna memory—as if pinpointing moments of familial splits from harmony and cultural trauma while delving into individual incarnations responsibilities and realizations. Thankfully one of my poems from 2020 will be published in just a few weeks. Will share more on that soon!

Still more herbal classes and breathing techniques are necessary! These are our ancient science and tools of transformation needed during these times!

Healing Wings Institute classes

Discovering The Gene Keys

Absolutely rereading these last 2 chapters!! As I woke up this morning dreaming of poetry (probably because I’ve got some to write ✍🏾!!) lol 😂 I thought of a passage I read in the Gene Keys book. The audiobook is a great “read” and I got the soft cover book for further reference and rereading. It’s an excellent interpretation of purpose, human evolution (devolution), awareness using the ancient I Ching science as means to define our intimate genetic codes calculated from birth. My phone is about to die and I need to get some of these rare Portland sun rays so I’m sharing a “few” passages to help me understand myself/humans as I move on this path of service.

The 63rd Gift— Inquiry— the Ladder of Self Inquiry— “All pure inquiry is of great service to humanity. If someone has a deep genetic tendency to doubt or ask questions, they can greatly improve the quality of life and relationships by channeling that doubt away from personal life and pressing it into service. The 63rd gene key …makes up a genetic grouping in your DNA known as the Ring of Divinity. Because of its connection to the all important 22nd Gene Key, this codon ring has much to do with transformation of human awareness through suffering. The 63rd Gene Key plays a central role in this theme because it is your Divine Doubt that drives you to follow a spiritual path in the first place. Doubt makes us human (the 36th Gift of Humanity) and leads us to a certain Graciousness (the 22nd Gift) in respect to how we treat others (Rudd, 508).

To be illuminated means to think Gods thoughts. At the Divine level, your causal body (sometimes called your soul) becomes your physical vehicle.

With the 64th Gene Key we come to one of the greatest mysteries of existence— the mystery of inner light. When this light is obscured within a human being it results in Confusion, the 64th Shadow. Confusion is the great human shadow state. It sweeps across our world like a great blanket, smothering, disempowering and screening the mass consciousness from the true nature of reality. As the last of the 64 Gene Keys it offers us some final warnings (Rudd, 513).

Tantric Path used as Illumination

The tantric path is the easiest path to misunderstand because it cannot be followed with the mind, but only the heart 💜. It is the path of the poetic soul— the lover of wilderness, of spontaneity, of paradox— the lover of the moment (Rudd, 518).

—- They are in fact the raw material of the higher fields of consciousness— like the nugget of coal that may hide a diamond of great beauty. As the confusion reveals its underlying nature and begins to coalesce into organized etheric substance, it becomes in turn the wonder of human imagination. Finally when the imagination transcends itself at he highest frequencies, the inner light at the heart of all creation explodes inside your being as spiritual illumination. This is the journey of every human being (Rudd, 513).

InLove, Prosperity, and Empowerment,

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