The Dark Crystal, Henson’s Crystal Ball into Our Future Now

I was child when the original Dark Crystal (1982) Henson movie showcased in Washington, DC and New York. Yet somehow, it would be some 39 years later that I would not only hear of its uncanny story, but be in awe of this fantasy film’s depiction of the battle over dark and light forces.

Original Dark Crystal movie 1982

Jim Henson and Frank Oz masterful puppet movie speaks of “the Great Conjunction” planetary alignment and the battle over dark forces possessed and wielded by the unsightly and often unclean aristocratic malevolent Skeksis. This hierarchical class of beings who are entrusted with the magical crystal “of truth” in the land of Thra, given in good faith by a wise woman creature, Aughra who leaves Thra to study and traverse the secrets of the Universe, only to return to assist in fulfilling a prophecy of a new world, left me utterly speechless. How could a movie with so strong a message completely escape me? Why had I never seen this?

The storyline, plot, characters, and their writers drop jewels in this 1982 “children’s” movie, making it a classic among occultist, truth-seekers, and almost anyone who claims any level of “woke” consciousness. With word buzzes like “the great conjunction,” the intense plot to resist spiritual transformation, awareness, and change of power, and its subsequent battles over misuse of authority, the muppet story seems to glance into a dystopian future fast forwarded to date.

Dopling creature captured by the Emperor Skeksis to be drained by the Dark Crystal using a beam of light

Perhaps even as child, I would have had a better understanding of what was to come, highly unlikely? Perhaps, I could have taken from this movies “message” on the audiences subconscious mind this “seed” of knowing as just one quantum possibility of our “now -future” present time as our global events unfold? The Emperor has no clothes.

Fast forward to date, we have all witnessed the strange entanglements and abuse of power in American (and global) politics. We see institutions crumbling through the misuse of authority. We’ve observed what is being called “the great reset” all during and leading up to “the great conjunction” and auspicious planetary alignments. The Mayans called it 2012 (2020) “the end of time” and others cry the “great apocalypse” as in the Bible or the coming of the “Aquarian Age” as a great shift in consciousness, awareness, and rumors of transference of spiritual power!

Video: In this scene the Skeksis take a captured Podling being using the Dark Crystal to beam light (energy) into the eyes of the Podling where the life force is harnessed and drunken by the Skeksis to retain power and youthfulness.

As the movie continues, it’s uncanny to watch the Skeksis grow to abuse the power of the crystal by sucking life from the magical stone and when the crystal of truth is “sick” mirroring the depletion and decay of the land of Thra, the Skeksis learn magical incantations to use the crystal to drain the “essence” and life force from other creatures including the Gelflings. It is the other race first nurtured by the Mystics, also called the UrRu, in a sacred cave of crystals or Valley of the Stones who prophecy of the last race of Gelfling. The Geflings were hunted and slaughtered by the Skeksis for fear of the prophecy of returning or healing the Stone of truth upon the Great Conjunction.

Of course I’m leaving out holes in the storyline and will — during the swearing in “democratic” election rewatch both the original version of Henson’s and Oz’s 1982 movie, as well as, the short lived one-season Netflix remake The Resistance. It’s as good a drama as any!

For a powerful breakdown of sacred geometric -events and the uncoding (decoding) the Matrix (Patrix) — check out Mother Khai on Dr. Gilliam’s, House of Reawakening Minds.

In Love, 🥰 Peace ✌🏾 and Empowerment!


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