Community Projects

giving back

One Human Family Awareness Project 

naturalselfgoddess  by riasweetraw 

believes  Sustainopreneurship is the future!

By giving back to community we not only strengthen our communities but empower ourselves, and our children with tools that last through and into adulthood. Some of my community projects include raw food demos, teaching community yoga, and arts as education based story time for children, blogging about fitness, wellness and live (vegetarian and vegan foods!), organic gardening and sustainability solutions,  and sharing global family love with community through social media.

Current Projects & Events: 

WE ARE LOVE Project!
One Human Family Love + Love Earth Ourselves
is taking storytelling and the idea of ‘love’ global! The Power of Love is the foundation to wellness of body, mind, spirit and soul. What better way to share this truth by featuring community leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, fitness gurus who inspire us all to be better, live better, give better by living a life as an example of how dreams and inspiration become foundations for healing community and our global families.  One Human Family Love, Love Earth Ourselves will highlight these Gifted Souls in a monthly feature as a means to connect, share and give back to our community and global family spreading love – everywhere! Starting Augusta 2015, check out WE ARE LOVE Project

Past Projects:

One Human Family Love + Love Earth Ourselves was birthed with the idea that creative sharing  of information, facts, storytelling and the arts are empowering tools to teach love, tolerance and the importance of social responsibility. One Human Family Love + Love Earth Ourselves foundation is too use the creative force as a partnership business model to educate community, families and thus sustain our ecosystems and quality of life.

Here is more of what  One Human Family Awareness + Love Earth Ourselves Project provides:

    • yoga
    • poetry
    • arts-education performance


Ria’s Sweetraw’s Training + Certifications:

    • raw food
    • yoga
    • zumba
    • 1st Aid/AED/CPR
 April 24, 4:30pm-7pm Sweetraw Live Food Demo

Evans Farmers Market, Live RAW Food Demo, April 2014
Evans Farmers Market, Live RAW Food Demo, April 2014


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