i_am_wholistic_Entrepreneur_riatakharusweetrawThe Path to your natural self is steeped in tradition, love, education and awareness. It is a process of unlocking the doors to your greater potential in all aspects of your beautiful life.

The path is a journey not merely a destination. It is the keys that you hold to your self discovery;  confronting old  beliefs, releasing negativity and self doubt, and replacing bad habits with empowering lifestyle choices and self talk. The PATH(Participate, Awareness, Transform, Health) developed by Natural Self by Ria Sweetraw is a simple stepping stone to empowering your self and your community into wholeness and unity.

P ~ Participate in Your Own Potential!  You own your own potential. You navigate your own destiny.
A  ~ Awareness is Being Alive! Awaken to the Life Around You and All the beautiful jewels within you. Awaken in Awareness! Reclaim your Life, Be Fully Alive!
T ~ Transform and Trust in Your Growth Process! Nothing good comes easy, and the road to transformation is a process. Transformation is Trusting in your growth, and development in your new lifestyle, in becoming the new you!
H ~ Healing turns Hate into Love! We can transform our lives by healing with love! It is Self Love the fundamental principle for true change that transforms into expressions of Community love.

the PATHThe PATH uses tools like yoga, zumba, meditation, natural and organic health education and awareness, poetry and literature, the expressive arts to create a community platform through individual and collective change and transformation.  Some of our community outreach programs include; One Human Family Project, the umbrella for U+I Yoga for School Age Children, Love Earth Ourselves EcoLiteracy and Arts as Education program and NaturalSelf by Ria Sweetraw, BU2Full Zumba Goddess classes and  BU2Full NaturalSelf Empowerment workshops. Please contact us for more information, literature, and availability for your school, classroom, private party or organization. 

Individually we are powerful,  together we create a new world!

xoxoxo ♥♥♥♥~ Ria Sweetraw

// All things Organic. Natural Health. Fitness. Inspiration. Empowering.Love.♥\\



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