Catching up: New Projects, classes, data..

Greetings Family! Catching up on posts and studies: I’m just 24 hours· after “completing” my Mississippi Mound builder archeology project and I use· that word· loosely these days , because I am always finding (discovering) new information that expands my perspective, knowledge, and understanding of our human past· and familial lineage . What turned out to be· only 12 pages turned into a whooping 50 pages leaving my Lyft driver to question· if i wasContinue reading “Catching up: New Projects, classes, data..”

Garden-to-table simple organic recipes: 33rd NE Community Farm 

I’ve been obsessed with organic foods since high school finding my way through local Georgetown (DC) grocery stores tasting tofu and raw veggies! Not much has changed accept my longing to find the most fresh, organic natural forms of fruits and veggies, the answer — farm to table or rather garden to table foods. NEContinue reading “Garden-to-table simple organic recipes: 33rd NE Community Farm “

a few weeks in portland…

It’s monday night, I’m in a dark room lit by a candle re-reading Credo Mutwa and feeling as though I’ve surfed a wave of emotions at long last needing release. A “night mix” playlist is echoing, “33 bowls of rain” that’s crystal bowls along with the classic “jala, yoga flow mix” and “dolphin and whaleContinue reading “a few weeks in portland…”

Visiting the West Coast!

The last time I was on the West Coast was during Katrina in August of 2005. I visited Arizona on a few dreams I had following a young Native girl and my Aunt Tiye who would climb Red Earth mesas and fly to the next while I would climb in arms reach before their nextContinue reading “Visiting the West Coast!”

majestic place of mountains (poem)

It’s so peaceful right now out here!! I’m loving it … ♥️ this majestic place of mountains (Sage and Nag Champa burning 💨) to Native flutes and Nature Forest sounds…   i am adorned in feathers and crystal blue liner lapis lazuli dipped around my neck  and brassy copper at my wrists It’s a semi slow andContinue reading “majestic place of mountains (poem)”

13:28 Frequency, Planetary Alignments, and Then & Now Challenge

Peace Family!   Astrological Alignments and Observing the 13:28 Time Frequency So it’s a special astronomical celestial occurence that has all the planets in alignment and its my baby girls birthday on Red Resonant Serpent (Galactic Activation Portal) day in the Dreamspell Mayan time 13:28 frequency! Don’t forget to plug into your inner self andContinue reading “13:28 Frequency, Planetary Alignments, and Then & Now Challenge”

Rosemary – Healing & Magical Gifts

Rosemary Oil in latin is called the “Dew of the Sea” also called “Rose of Mary”and associated with the Goddesses Isis (Hathor/Het Heru) and Aphrodite. It’s affiliation is so powerfully linked to ancient goddesses of the Mediterranean such as the indigenous roman goddess of the Etruscan era called Menrva equivalent to Athena (Greece) meminisse, meaningContinue reading “Rosemary – Healing & Magical Gifts”

Community Gardens Series: Cottage City Garden

It’s important to know the community gardens, natural farmers, organic markets in your area! I feel as though I’ve lost touch with stores like Wegmans, Whole Foods, Trader Joes and others within a short drive away. Yet local farmers and local gardens are a vital part of community and should be on your phone listContinue reading “Community Gardens Series: Cottage City Garden”

Chakras – Understanding Your Energy Centers 

each of the centers of spiritual power in the human body, usually considered to be seven in number. Chakra Chakras are the vibratory energy centers within the body and throughout the universe. The 7 main energy centers or wheels of radiating vibration can be used to awaken and balance emotions, actions, increase self-awareness and restoreContinue reading “Chakras – Understanding Your Energy Centers “

Animism + Totems

 Animism – 1. the attribution of a soul to plants, inanimate objects, and natural phenomena. 2. the belief in a supernatural power that organizes and animates the material universe. ~ Wikipedia Indigenous Totems Because many things have a spirit and come from the Creator/Creatrix as metaphors of reality and the Cosmos the Indigenous people of the Earth sawContinue reading “Animism + Totems”