Be Fit!

  1. the condition of being physically fit and healthy.
    synonyms: good health, strength, robustness, vigor, athleticism, toughness,physical fitness, muscularity;

    (Source: Merriam‑Webster)

Fit, Happy and Loved! – You decide

Games2013_JudyMcElroy_rotatorBeing Fit holds many different meanings for people. One idea of being fit could mean aesthetically sculpted with muscles pronounced and visible while another idea of being fit is being able to exceed normal range of motion in a full split or exceed repetitions of push ups or run a 5K race personal record (PR).  Being Fit could mean all of those including maintaining your maximum weight goals, nutritional balance and overall wellness.  Take a minute and consider what you would look like being “fit” – decide for yourself what “fit” looks like on you and in your lifestyle. Once you define what being “fit’ looks and feels like on you, you can then start your journey to fitness.

Did you know you can begin by carving out only 30 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week to begin to feel the effects of fitness and wellness?

It can be as easy as a 30 minute walk to reduce belly fat, increase stamina, lung capacity, and overall wellness. Ready to get started? 


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