Nutrition and Fitness Integration

– Define Your Fitness, Weight and Nutritional Goals

Nutrition and Fitness
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Choose a fitness plan you can incorporate into your daily life. Let Being Fit, Improving Wellness, and Living Healthy  become your lifestyle. Commit to nurturing  positive habits that increase your energy, happiness and overall well being.

Nutrition is a valuable partner to your fitness plan. You can work like crazy in the gym only to find you are not seeing the results you want because the numbers don’t lie; the calories you burn from your workout is not equal to the calories you consume.

Define your fitness, weight and nutritional goals. Seek those who can assist you in educating you, training you, supporting and coaching you. You may want to hire a fitness trainer, or wellness coach, take vegetarian or raw food nutrition, cooking classes, purchase books, follow YouTube channels and nutritional fitness blogs that offer advice, science, spiritual, fitness and inspirational motivation to help keep you stay on track, in sync and in alignment with your goals and higher self. Today there is an abundance of information, so sift through the junk, eliminate distractions and focus on being happier, healthier and whole.

How many Calories should I eat?

bigstock-green-and-red-healthy-foodTo find out your ideal caloric intake, start by calculating what’s known as your base metabolic rate (BMR):

  • Women: Multiply your weight by 10. Men: Multiply by 11. This is your BMR.
  • Now add to that 20 percent of your BMR if you have a sedentary lifestyle; 30 percent if you are somewhat active; 40 percent if you are moderately active; or 50 percent if you are very active.
  • The number you get is how many calories you need to maintain your weight.

For example: If you’re a somewhat active 145-pound woman, your BMR is 1,450 calories a day, and your lifestyle quotient is 30 percent of that, or an additional 435 calories. So your daily total for maintaining your current weight is 1,885 calories. If you want to lose one pound per week, you simply need to cut or burn an extra 500 calories a day.  (Source: Everydayhealth)

What’s the 1lb A Week Weight Loss Rule? 

493x335_make_your_walk_a_workout_featuresThe number one rule for losing weight was originated from researcher Max Wishnofsky, MD, in 1958 and looks like this:

  • 3500 calories = 1 lbs of Fat
  • 500 calories burned daily = 1 lbs lost a week
  • To reach this goal, you could burn 250 calories during a workout then cut back your caloric intake by 250 daily.

Another way to look at this is Total Caloric Needs – Weight loss rate (Calories per day)= Your calorie goals for weight loss. Is Sarah wants to lose 1 lbs per week, and expecting to cut 500 calories out of the equation. Sarah’s weight loss target is 1996-500 is 1496 daily caloric intake.


FYI: I lost 10 lbs just this Spring while doing my 30-day Vegan challenge. I didn’t train, I did mostly Yoga. I ate mostly vegan food with some stir fry and scrambled tofu recipes. Lots of home-made smoothies and nut “milks” fresh fruit ice cream (my favorite was Basil Coconut ice cream!!), and of course fresh juices! If I wanted to continue to lose a pound a week my Caloric Weight Loss formula might look like this:

Since ‘m now 130 lbs I can consume 1300 calories a day + my lifestyle quotient 435 = 1735 calories a day – 500 calories (workout + decreased caloric intake) = 1235 daily caloric consumption including exercise.

I’m starting a 30-day Fitness Challenge combined with Vegan and Vegetarian nutrition and can’t wait to share  the outcome and results!

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