Fitness and Wellness – Self Love!

Fitness – muscle endurance and strength, cardiorespiratory endurance and flexibility

Wellness – the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health, positive affirming, multidimensional

Fitness is not about being obsessed or egocentric. It is about commitment, ritual as in routines, sweat and not having fear of hard work. Fitness should be a compliment to wellness. Both are acts of Self Love.

Serena Williams, No. 1 Ranked Women's Tennis Athlete.
Photo Credit. Beats by Dre. Serena Williams commercial.

Self Love is is a an expression, an idea, a path – that women should embrace objectively, spiritually, and whole-heartedly. Because women are often caregivers and naturally giving or nurturing others the celebration of “self love” helps to restore balance, brings a sense of groundedness to life, family and career.

Self love is not an egocentric kind of “me-first” attitude which excludes everyone else, it is an act of inclusivity of gratitude and kindness toward the self. Self love ‘is’ self care, keeping oneself in the center, an honor to your sacredness and an expression of your vitality, purpose and alignment of all that you are.

Fitness and wellness falls within the Self Love category, why? Because it takes a certain amount of self-love aptitude to follow a fitness transformation or any discipline for that matter. Don’t be inhibited by fully embracing the idea of taking time for yourself to increase your fitness goals because it will empower your longevity and wellness for yourself, spouse, family and community.


Ways to Improve  Fitness and Wellness:

  • 20870LetGoQuit Bad Habits – Obesity and cancer are common in America supporting the  billion dollar pharmaceutical and health care industries. Cut out bad eating habits and abstain from junk food, processed and microwaved meals, sodas, alcohol, cigarette smoking, drug addiction, food addictions, emotional addiction (stress, drama, self-sabotage, etc.,),  even excessive consumption of caffeine. Set a goal of eliminating a bad habit from your daily routine; 3-4 times a week, to twice a week to once a week until total elimination. For serious addictions consult a therapist, physician and/or  life coach. Remember all addictions can be overcome with fortitude, patience, self-love and support.
  • Know Your Medical Health & Set Goals to Improve Your Health – Get regular check ups to know your yearly health status then set goal to improve your overall health and wellness. Getting a diagnosis of good health is important. It is from this point you can then set your health and fitness goals. You can even begin to educate yourself about your diagnosis and relieve any dis-ease, discomfort, pain, etc with the help of a therapist, practitioner, herbalist or healer. Expand your knowledge and educate yourself, as there are many modalities and alternatives to allopathic medicine, that treat the root of disease not merely the symptoms.


  • groupexercisepicExercise – 30 minutes to 60 minutes, 3-4 times a week. Exercise improves mental attitude, helps depression, restores and improves metabolism, flexibility and agility, cardiovascular health, immunity, and longevity.
  • Sleep – 6-8 hours daily! Sleep heals the body, restores metabolism, improves immunity and other organ functions.


  • drinkwaterWater – Drink high quality alkaline water. Invest in a filtration system or purchase quality water high in alkalinity to restore water loss and hydration. Our bodies are over 60% water and we need water to maintain proper heath, organ function, flexibility  and elimination.





  • fruity_chia_puddingEat a Healthy Breakfast – A healthy break-fast is really the meal you are breaking your 8 hour fast from sleep to early morning. So choose wisely! Try not to eat large, greasy meals high in saturated fats, but instead replace your breakfast with fresh, in-season, local organic fruit, a fruit or veggie combo smoothie or juice, quality water.  If you want a transition meal, try tofu scramble, red potatoes, raw salad or fresh fruit and a fresh organic fruit smoothie or juice. Your breakfast should be packed with nutrients and vitamins to sustain your busy morning schedule.
  • Eat Healthy Food – Healthy food consists of non processed juices, fresh, organic fruits, vegetables and grains. If you eat meat, purchase grass-fed, organic, non antibiotic meats, poultry, and fresh fish. If you consume eggs choose the free-range, organic varieties. Stay away from GMO foods, artificial sweeteners and preservatives.


  • 546706_10200132364370141_250426228_nMeditate or Take Creative Classes – Meditation relaxes the body, mind and lifts the spirit. It helps restore and rejuvenate the body and mind, release stress, nervous tension, confusion and restore balance. Another way to relieve stress and tension in the body, mind and spirit is through taking creative classes that improve use of the right brain. Creativity helps to restore and balance both right and left hemispheres of the brain.
  • Surround Yourself with Loving Supportive Friends & Family – Surround yourself with good people who are going to lift you higher. Everything is energy. It is important as you raise your energy, increase vitality and life force, decide and pursue your fitness and nutritional goals, and embark upon a transformation to include positive, supporting friends and family in your life. Do not waste or drain your energy with those who constantly take from your spirit and soul and who fail to give back or mirror your upbeat, positive vibes. There will be days or weeks that you will need positive support to lend you that extra push in the direction of your dreams. Don’t limit or self sabotage yourself with negative friends, lovers or family members. Be cognizant of the energy you give and receive. If it is your energy that is attracting these people and events, take note, make up your mind to co-create change and practice acts of random kindness, gratitude and more self love in order to fully love others. You will see that cultivation will bring higher rewards and accomplishments in your life.



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