Be Love ♥ !

 ‘I am, by calling, a dealer in words;
and words are, of course,
the most powerful drug used by mankind.’

 — Rudyard Kipling


Love ♥ – the Gateway for Higher Consciousness!


309862_2563697250016_582620743_nEverything is energy. We are energy. Energy is motion. The frequency of Love motivates. It activates.  Love affects the neurochemistry of the brain and nervous system controlling hormones, brain function and the Heart. The heart is made up of neurotransmitters that are effected by what we think, feel, say and do. Hormones like oxytocin “the love molecule” stimulate feelings of inner trust, intimacy and attachment. It can be produced by words, thoughts, touch, memory and frequency.

The highest frequencies are those created by love. It is a resonance that can be used as a Gateway. The Heart is  passageway for higher states of consciousness and awareness. The love emotion naturally heals the body and puts the spirit into states of joy and wellness. We are made of love, sustained through love, and healed by love. The love frequency allows you to move or ascend to higher levels of awareness and living. Unlike the binding effects of fear, love brings resolve, acceptance and personal freedom.

Love promotes healthy self -esteem, and promotes organ functions including healthy libido, reproductive organs.

Self Love is the polarity or rather compliment to We are Love act and affirmation. Just writing this brings immense smiles to my face and total being. The love frequency is a contagious, powerful gateway of total healing, spiritual  total body and emotional wellness.

Where is the Love?




389345_2618206132704_1582878778_nUnconditional Love is everywhere on the planet and in the Universe, in many forms  there are metaphors or expression of love and the divine love frequency it is creation itself giving live, birth and continual cycles. Love it is consistently present in Nature season upon season, the blossoming budding flowers producing healing fruits and seeds for our nourishment these are shared among the various ecoystems systems (humanity, animal, plant kingdoms) enough for all in abundance consciousness continually producing in harmony and cooperative relationships of other species even in death there is the beautiful transformation of rebirth and new life. Divine Love is ceaselessly giving and exchanging energetic vibration unconditionally.


Love is YOU! You are the key and have the power to access Unconditional. Divine Love anytime, anywhere! WE must only remember to control our emotions and not fetter about our day in vibrations that do not serve our highest good. Remember the Love Emotion is a healing one, staying in a healing loving vibration ensures not only a pleasant, productive day but wellness.

Contentment and fulfillment is not dependent upon anyone outside of the Self.  Happiness, contentment, bliss, joy can be achieved independently from others as a form of centeredness or grounding of your own sacred space and intended fertile environment. By intentional conscious acts of the will directed at the Heart Chakra you can  resonate feelings and emotions to higher frequencies to produce joy, happiness, visualized successes, and fulfillment. You ARE LoVE!








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