Self Love ♥ the Gateway!

Self Care is Divine Responsibility

Self Love ♥ – the Gateway for Collective Consciousness!


Love YourSelf, Self Care is Divine Responsibility.

Self love is a Self care. Self love may be misunderstood as an Ego -centric kind of love but it is not. Self Love is a powerful process of becoming and being. It is intentional affirmations of your highest desires such as seeking to balance your life, commit to your highest self, and live the life you agreed to live at conception. Self love is a prerequisite for true unconditional love through partnership. It is the strongest relationship that one can have and express




The Reflection of One – Self Love and We Are Love!

Having faith in yourself, trusting yourself, deeper connection with yourself is the premise for those qualities reflected upon or toward another; a friend, a lover, a partner, a soul mate. It is an access to higher forms of expressing love toward another or creative love that can be put into the building of a project, an art form, or invention.

Love-is-the-bridgeLove-is-the-bridgeSelf love compliments the ‘we’ are love” expressed in the community via partnership. It is a natural flow or spiritual process of seeing the Self (I am) as the ‘Other” (We Are) and thus working in cooperation, greater compassion, and empathy for the greater good of the all. In this way the Self powerfully effects and supports the movement and development of the Collective Conscious, a powerful tool for real change and transformation.

The Science of Self Love

Self love is not a a feel good, scatter-brained, fleeting love emotion that should be overlooked, it can be measured in science. Your inward energy and attitude directly influence your outer world, relationships, and quality of life. Self Love permeates a resonance and inner biology that links physiological transmutations in the body, brain, nervous system and organs (heart). There are real healing benefits of cultivating the Act of Self Love.

Self Love Healing Benefits

  • Increases Health and Wellness
  • Improves Hearing
  • Improves Eyesight
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Increases Pulmonary Function
  • Cardiac output and health
  • Strengthens Muscular System
  • Empathic harmony Increases social connection


The Path to NaturalSelf by RiaSweetrawEverything is energy. We are energy. Energy is motion. The frequency of Love motivates. It activates.  Love affects the neurochemistry of the brain and nervous system controlling hormones, brain function and the Heart. The heart is made up of neurotransmitters that are effected by what we think, feel, say and do. Hormones like oxytocin “the love molecule” stimulate feelings of inner trust, intimacy and attachment. It can be produced by words, thoughts, touch, memory and frequency.

The highest frequencies are those created by love. It is a resonance that can be used as a Gateway. The Heart is  passageway for higher states of consciousness and awareness. The love emotion naturally heals the body and puts the spirit into states of joy and wellness. We are made of love, sustained through love, and healed by love. The love frequency allows you to move or ascend to higher levels of awareness and living. Unlike the binding effects of fear, love brings resolve, acceptance and personal freedom.

Love promotes healthy self -esteem, and promotes organ functions including healthy libido, reproductive organs, brain function and overall wellness and longevity. ~ xo Ria


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