Be Natural!

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
The next best time is today!
~ Chinese Proverb

Be-ing Natural!

iStock_000015962486XSmall-300x238Being Natural is a personal revolution and collective evolution! It is awakening to the power of self, nature, god/goddess  to the seemingly mundane like organic gardening, or meditation and yoga, to choosing to go or grow green, create, recycle and DIY (do it yourself). It is a shift in consciousness where one begins to truly hear the beauty of nature, as an extension of the evolving Soul Self.

Being Natural is an awareness and awakening into spirituality, the release of dogma and self-judgement. It is self-discovery  and acts of selfless service. It is inspiring and doing your part when you can to inspire change, transformation and deeper understanding of the world around us.

Words that are Synonymous with Being Natural 

  • Nature
  • Organic 
  • True to Self 
  • Balanced 
  • God/Goddess
  • Centered + Grounded
  • Authentic 
  • Integrity 
  • Love,Loving, Loved
  • Sacred 
  • Fearless + Courageous
  • Free 
  • Empowered 
  • Righteous 
  • Conscious + Aware 
  • Sovereign 
  • Thriving 

Starting from the Roots, Black Women and Natural Hair

Excerpt from Naturally Curly Black Hair, by Shannon Rose, Natural Black Hair Revolution:

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 9.52.11 AM_zpsrkvbbahmCalling all Black women! Calling all Black women! Join the Natural Black Hair Revolution now! You no longer have to hide your glory under wigs and weaves or mutilate it with creamy crack! Calling all Black women! Calling all Black women! The time to free yourself is now! Free yourself from the stigma that says our hair isn’t as manageable, versatile or beautiful as anyone else’s!

Sistas, take off those wigs and cut out that weave. Throw out the creamy crack (perm) and put down the flat iron! The science for natural African hair care is upon us and in full affect. Unlike the not too distant past, the knowledge and information concerning the maintenance, care and upkeep for natural hair is everywhere, in fact, many natural African hair care lines have gone commercial. We now have no excuse for hiding under wigs and weaves, because we don’t “know how to deal with our hair” or worse, we think “other” hair textures are more beautiful than our own.

The notion that Black hair doesn’t grow or that its unmanageable is a fallacy. Granted, there’s no faster hair care than just throwing a wig on, but where is the pride in that? Why do we want to continue to announce to the world that we don’t think we look good unless we are wearing the White woman look? If we continue to buy into what the world thinks of us then we will continue to pass on the legacy of self hatred to our future generations, its as simple as that. Granted, fake hair isn’t the only manifestation of self hatred in the Black community, but it is certainly a strong example. We’ve been protesting and marching for damn near 100 years for the world to grant us equal footing in all aspects of life, isn’t it time we attribute the same fairness to the hair that grows out of our head? Indeed, the stigma that society has placed on the Black female characteristic is deep rooted and goes back centuries, but is time for sistas to step into the 21st century and FREE OURSELVES!



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