KnowThySelf Kinnection

Connected to Self, Nature, the Universe!

Spiritual-Awareness-And-Why-It-Is-CoolHair is not the only spiritual phenomena that empowers your connection to Higher Self, Soul and Spirit, it can center you in ‘nature’ or Earth and thus the Universe.

Nature allows greater study to the true nature of humans, humanity and the mysteries. In Nature we can see a clear reflection of ourselves. We are atoms, and minerals, the very chemistry and physiology of crystals, carbon, gold and other natural phenomena. Nothing that exists in our Universe is not also within ourselves. With greater awareness and expansion of consciousness, we can see  and know many truths and illusions that exists through myth and culture. And thus we have the freedom to choose for ourselves.

This is where I believe the term consciousness and awareness is grossly misunderstood, and if at all. In fact, what many call being conscious or consciousness should be labled awareness instead. I am aware of the larger problem, I am aware of our struggle as a people. But I am conscious of our struggle? I am a conscious person means I am awake!

Simply being vegan or vegetarian does not make you an embodied spiritually conscious “being.” I have been to many a Yoga class where the people who chant “Om” and “Namaste” looked at me with disdain or repute. I could never understand how the two philosophies (isms) could go hand in hand without illustrating deeper mentally ill pathologies (pathological behavior).  Yet the term consciousness is loosely used without deeper understanding in relation to awareness (enlightenment).

  • bigstock-blue-light-and-young-woman-in-14011838When you sit alone in your beautiful home can you hear the toads and birds at your doorstep or windowsill?
  • Can you find beauty and peace while doing yard work?
  • Are you able to go within and meditate?
  • Have you objectively stood outside of yourself to see how you function, what your daily thoughts consists of,  or who you are as a human being?
  • Can you measure if you are living in the past, future or eternal now?
  • Are you Ego-centric (material) or Self-loved (community) driven?
  • Do you see the beauty in others or objectifying outer appearance?
  • Are you in Alignment? Are you at-one-with what you say, what you mean and what you actually do?
  • Do you love yourself unconditionally?
  • Can you love someone unconditionally; in spite of so called race, sexual orientation, tribe or gender?
  • Are you, in this life, at your next stage of personal evolution?
  • Can you see the act of making love as spiritual rather than merely physical or emotional?
  • Can you find the spiritual in all things other than the church, the bible, forms of religion and doctrine?
  • Is your heart open and light?
  • Do you see your life as miracles, gratitude and blessings, rather than  regret, failures and lessons?
  • Can you recreate yourself?


Consciousness is about being “awake” on many levels, not merely awareness of a particular situation or man-made paradigm.

 1. the state of being awake and aware of one’s surrounding
Consciousness is the quality or state of awareness, or, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself.
 1. knowledge or perception of a situation or fact
concern about and well-informed interest in a particular situation or development.
(Merriam – Webster)


Often times, we are still angry and sick of dis-ease at parts of our traumatic past and histories! Many get stuck in this kind of ‘hellish’ karmic battle between dark and light forces.  We have become numb, dumb and used to these kinds of spiritual attacks as ‘normal’ or ‘just the way it is.’   On a larger scale it is our past and histories that are used as propaganda for lowering the vibration of the planet and keep those locked in a material -ego driven paradigm. These tools of racism and environmental oppression use emotion (Life Force energy)  on a collective level (mental energy) to produce a social construct and ongoing roller coaster of anger, fear, ‘shock and awe’ type terrorism and elitism.  This kind of environment paradigm or society does not allow the Self to grow beyond child-like dependency and pathological behavioral victim consciousness

This is why spiritual tools such as meditation, sacred forms of exercise like yoga, qigong, martial arts, sacred dance, bellydance,  breath work (pranayama), inner work, and studies of nature are so powerful to increase levels of consciousness, empowerment and embodiment of higher states of consciousness or awareness.  They help one to detox from the external, chaotic world to find love, discover peace and bridge, healing unity from within, harness that energy and begin to express those metaphors in daily, everyday life.


Knowing Thy Self – Embodying the Divine!

khmer_cambodiaIf you take the time to do your homework, you will find images, hieroglyphs and monuments of yourself everywhere on this planet. It has never been an exclusive, but inclusive world culture experience. It is a time to celebrate with wonder, amazement and much deeper awareness of self and our rightful place in it. As this world awakens and paradigms slowly shift so must our thoughts, hearts, and consciousness about everything we have known or think we know as fact or absolute.

DNA like water and crystals holds the memory of earth and the cosmos in form and matter. We have the will and consciousness to believe we are born in sin or born as divine or born into awakening of our divinity,  beauty and sacredness. As our ancestors, once lived to attain higher states of living and consciousness we to can aspire to live a life of truth, righteousness, balance, justice, fairness and love. We can aspire to live while on Earth in a state of Christ Consciousness, Buddha consciousness or God/dess consciousnesses where we honor our past, present and future and those who journey with us as extensions of ourselves.We can help to restore balance and peace upon this planet and thus harmony in the Universe. We can agree to evolve from an Ego based paradigm of man made scarcity, poverty. war and miss-education for peace, cooperation, right use of technology, truth and organic, natural living.




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