Natural Hair (r)Evolution

Choosing to Be “Natural” – Hair  – Empowered by Love!

Beautiful Teenagers with Natural Hair

Being Natural connects every facet of your life! For me, it’s not only about hair, (and yet passionately about the freedom and expression of my hair, AND the food I choose, forms of exercise and spirituality I practice, how I wear clothes, or what car I choose to purchase or how I live my life purpose — even the jobs I choose or don’t choose not simply based on survival but for spiritual, evolutionary reasons, concerns and agreements.

In 2015, choosing to be natural for Black women may be largely about having natural hair, which may seem at first small or trite. It is, however, with closer lens  an eye of what seems to be a  personal revolution that is reaching collective even global proportions!  It is changing the face of the Black hair care industry. While simultaneously changing the internal makeup of the black female psyche and self-cultural-global identity.

It is an act of Self-Love, gratitude, and powerful self-esteem that translates into every aspect of one’s life, career, mental, physical and spiritual existence. The relationship to Self is a powerful journey into the mysteries of nature and the universe.

Portrait of a mother and daughter

For Black women in America, choosing to to have natural hair is an exhale of untruths and inhale of inner truths! An evolution from insecurity, self doubt and historical stereotypes to freedom,  expressions of  natural health, spiritual growth and goddess wisdom.

For Black women our hair is political.   That has stripped us of our natural, inalienable  birthright to simply ‘be’ as we are born to be. No other race on this planet has that kind of mental, emotional, spiritual burden or dis-ease. In my opinion, it has been unfair, unjust and unimaginable to endure generation after generation, decade upon decade. Being “Natural” in a wholistic state of thinking and being does not negate ‘any’ aspect of the Self, or Soul  but includes and sees each aspect as ‘one.’ Therefore, being “Natural” is a wholistic practice and lifestyle to include every face of the Self.  A  freedom loving sustaining act of  being, expanding and self -discovery!

ria sweetraw takharu 2008
Ria Sweetraw Takharu, 2008.

Personally, I started wearing my hair natural  and writing in my journal, “happy to  be nappy” in the early 90s before this second wave of the  Kinky Natural Hair Movement of our last decade. My Aunt Tiye, a recent Columbia University graduate, was one of the only women I knew personally who was ‘rocking a natural’ and then dread locs years before Bob Marley had passed away! She was always a visionary of  inspiration, of womanhood and sacred culture. Yet in those early years prior to the rise of popularity and acceptance, I understood within that a full planetary evolution and transformation must be an inclusive journeywhere we see one another as images of ourselves – respected, organic, and loved!

IMG_9506 (1)
August 2018, Yucatan, Mexico

Hair is a spiritual gift and phenomena that should not be overlooked, ignored or un-celebrated. It is said that for people of color with thick ‘kinky’ ‘coily’ or ‘nappy’ hair, this hair is more receptive and sensitive to energy waves, frequency and sound patterns acting as a form of spiritual antennae. This is especially potent for women, who are said to be more right-brained, closer to nature, cycles, and intuition.

Of course, these are the very natural born,  sacred gifts that have plagued women of all colors for centuries – to this day I still see and watch movies about witches, and their powers of sight and use of nature. Such propaganda shows women in such a negative light that cultural annihilation and desecration of  and demonizing Divine Feminine energy is internalized to keep women, race and oppression at the center of identity.

Natural Self Goddess Ria, Feb 2019 ❤ (just finished my retwists)

Today more and more people are waking up from the shackles of self degradation and miss information! The “Shift’ continues to awaken so many and though many are still awakening, we must remember to stay true to ourselves, in purpose, mission and journey into being who we truly are and have come to be while on this planet. That we are ALL sacred and divine beings carrying a beautiful message of  renewal, remembering, and reawakening our selves into being.



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