Ria’s Natural Hair Journey!

I’m not a natural hair expert – don’t get me wrong! I read EVERY ingredient prior to applying or shampooing my hair, and I stand by Natural hair remedies, recipes, and products! But black hair for me was an anomaly, it didn’t always mean 100% natural because I like so many others thought I had to have ‘pretty’ hair, hair that curled in an S pattern, not tight coils that looked like zeros, hair that ‘laid’ a certain way on my face and blew in the wind like I saw so many times in movies, hair that grew down not up to the sun (haha). In my mind from childhood and from the words of my mother and her family, hair had to look, act, behave and obey which often meant having afro, kinky, nappy, coily hair snapped you right out of that good hair game.

So I modified, suppressed, stressed and believed the ‘lye’ that my hair wasn’t good enough or worthy of my time, patience or attention. Sure, through the years I’ve rebelled like so many others  to natural afros, kinky twists, bantu knots, dread locs and braids to allow my hair her chance of survival and independence only to hear “I will hire you but you have to do something with that hair!” or “You better wear a wig to get that job!” And sadly, I gave into that fear, and internal self loathing like so many of our black women have in America.

Thank God/dess those dark days are over! My natural hair is calling for her freedom, love, independece, soveriegnty, loyalty and Goddess Self! And I am here to surrender to Her (my Highest Expression of Self!).

I’ve had my hair in almost EVERY hair style and condition you can imagine! From blue black to blonde, from natural to relaxed and back again. Real Dread locs to faux locs, Senegalese Twists, micro braids, weaves, chrochet braids – most likely if you’ve seen it – I’ve done it! Because I’ve always loved fashion and have been a bit impatient, I was quick to add and subtract styles. Today, I’m driven by an implosive curiosity to learn myself better and understand what makes me – me! And this passion spills onto every part of my life. Hair is no different. It is the very essence of what we project out into the world – self worth, self idenity, self love! I’m curious as to texture my natural hair truly is, it’s been so long since I’ve allowed my natural hair time to grow, spiral and share breathing space. I wonder if I have 4A, 4B, or 4C hair, I’ve done so much to it!


Well here I am willing and driven by this NaturalSelfGoddess environment that I’ve created for myself and others to do just that explore, grow, discover, become, empower, release, rejuvenate and simply be Natural, higher Self and divine Goddess! (smile)

Who knows I may even aspire to become a 4C Blogger Chick in the process! Lots to look forward to! 😉

4CHCBloggerChick Directory


So like others I will document, record, blog and vlog my hair journey for the next 3-5 years and see just how beautiful I can grow! ♥

InLove ♥,






Hair Prior to the big chop – May 6 – 2015

(2012-Big Chop!)

















8 Weeks 








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